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Unknown Realism: Things You Don’t Know About Yourself

We all believe that we probably know everything about ourselves and there is nothing left to discover. Do you really know yourself? The answer is “No”. There are many things about you that you are probably not aware of.

The first thing you must focus on is knowing yourself. The more you know yourself, the more adequate and pleasant minded you will be. The most crucial part of your life is self-awareness that creates a feeling of self-love.

You will be surprised to find out such interesting facts about yourself that you were not aware of all these days. Here you go…

1. Your Appearance Helps People Know More About You:

You usually think that people get to know you by your character, but people tend to assume a lot about you based on your physical appearance. Your physical appearance can have a major impact and influence on your lifestyle, opportunities, and happiness. Your appearance can also reveal things about your health. Your appearance decides the way people treat you.

2. Your Skin Renews Itself Every Month:

Your body loses 40,000 skin cells every hour without your knowledge. While you dust off your work desks, your TV tables, photo frames, or shelves, you are dusting off your dead skin cells that look like dust. Yes, that’s your skin. Each human sheds around 22 kgs of skin in his lifetime.

3. Isolating Yourself Can Help You Know Yourself Better:

You would feel lonely most of the times and crave for socializing with friends and relatives. But most of you are not aware that your mind is most productive and inventive when you are alone. When you are isolated, you will find plenty of time to navigate your emotions and better understand your self-esteem. You can strengthen your vision, mission, and values that help you succeed.

4. Your Blood is The Quickest Traveller:

The human blood contains blood cells. These blood cells make a full tour of your body in just 60 seconds. The average speed at which blood travels in the body is 28 centimeters per second which is equal to 17,000 km in a week.

5. You Have 3 Brains:

Your brain is actually divided into three parts:

  • Fore Brain – Responsible for eating, reasoning, logical thinking, and consciousness. It is the main thinking part of the brain.

  • Mid Brain – Associated with processing emotions, temperature regulation, vision, sleep, and wakefulness.

  • Hind Brain – Responsible for your survival.

6. You Tend to Know Things That You Haven’t Done Before:

You buy a brand-new product such as a laptop or a smartphone and you begin to use it without even referring to the product manual. Have you ever thought about it? Nobody has ever taught you how to operate it, yet you have assumptions about how you need to operate it.

7. Your Brain Is ON Even During The Night:

It is obvious that we think that when we go to sleep, our brain also does. But the fact is that the brain works more during the night than during the day. It is because, during the day, we do a lot of physical activities that involve movement and coordination. But during the night, when our mind is free and we don’t do any physical work, our brain is turned on and works very actively.

8. We Are The Only Creatures Who Have Unique Emotions:

We humans are the only creatures in the world who are believed to have some eccentric emotions such as blushing and embarrassment. None other creature has such unique emotions.

9. Showers Make You More Creative:

When you take a shower, you become relaxed and creative due to the release of a natural chemical called Dopamine in the body. These are the factors that trigger creativity and idea formation in the brain. The more the amount of dopamine released, the more creative you become. It makes you more addicted to seeking more information.

10. Your Brain Is Trained By The Culture You Follow:

Culture influences how we see the world because cultural experiences are stored in our brain. People belonging to different cultures use their brain differently in various situations. Your foundation, values, beliefs, and choices in life depend on the culture you have been adapted to.

11. You Don’t Always Tend To Laugh At Funny Things:

Studies have shown that we laugh only 20 percent after listening to jokes. Our laughter is not necessarily dependent on humour. We usually tend to laugh when we are happy after meeting someone who is very close to us or when we are greeted by someone we like. When we are close to somebody, we laugh together.

12. Your Sweat Doesn’t Have a Bad Odour:

Sweat actually does not stink. Sweat is odourless. It is the rapid multiplication of bacteria on your skin in the presence of sweat that breaks down the acids present in the sweat and causes the odour.

13. Dreaming More Indicates Higher IQ:

Smart people tend to dream more. Higher IQ is associated with better working ability. People with higher IQs dream more.

14. Your Brain Has Lot More Capacity Than a Hard Drive:

Your brain has a memory capacity to handle more than 4 terabytes of data on a hard drive. Your storage capacity for long term memories is limitless. The human brain is so powerful that it can generate the highest level of consciousness and remembrance.

15. Your Bones Are Stronger Than Steel:

Human bones are not as dense as steel. But in weight comparison, bones are approximately 5 times stronger than steel. Bones are extraordinarily strong, and bones are one of the strongest materials found in nature.

16. Some Parts Of Your Body Never Stop Growing:

Your height growth stops after puberty. Your eyes also remain the same size, but your ears and nose never stop growing. This is because as you grow, the cartilage in your ears and nose breaks down and sags due to gravity. This results in lengthening of your ears and nose.

17. Your Body Contains Trillions of Cells:

Your body makes around 3.8 million cells every second and also replaces the cells that die. While you were reading these lines, 50,000 cells in your body died and were replaced by new ones.

18. If You Take Too Much Stress, Your Performance Will Go Down:

Stress can lead to fatigue and lead to decreased enthusiasm and lead to health problems such as anxiety, work imbalance, emotional disorder, and depression. This will also cause an impact on your performance and it goes down.

19. Your Mind Wanders Most Of The Time:

You typically tend to spend 25 – 50% of your time on thinking about thoughts that are irrelevant to their present situation. Mind wandering occurs when you are not tied to the immediate environment.

20. When You Are Not Sure About Something, You Look At Others:

When you are uncertain about something or unable to make a stern decision, you tend to look at people who are close to you to help you decide on it.

21. Your Eyes Do a Lot of Workout Each Day:

The muscles in your eyes move around 1,00,000 times a day in order to adjust and focus on objects around you. It is equivalent to movement of legs walking 75 kilometers every day.

22. The Lifespan of Each Of Your Eyelash Is 150 Days:

Each of your eyelashes lives for about 150 days on your eyes before it falls out.

23. You Are Actually Getting Rid Of Germs When You Have Cold:

When you catch cold and you have a runny nose, your body flushes out harmful germs from your nose. So, yeah! Cold is sometimes good.

24. You Grow About 1 to 2 Inches Every Night:

While you are lying down at night, your spine spreads out, so when you wake up in the morning, you are 1 – 2 cm taller than the night before. And you shrink during the day due to gravity.

25. We Don’t Have a Final decision:

We don’t actually have a final decision. We just decide something ultimately when we lack time.

Final Thoughts

We usually forget that self-love is a very important aspect of life. It is important that we know ourselves well to change and adapt to every circumstance in life. When you know yourself, you understand that it is important to resist few bad habits and develop good ones. You will have the insight to know which values and goals empower you. You must try to explore more about yourself and understand that life is so simple, and you truly know yourself and you know what you need to do!

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Shahid Aleem
Shahid Aleem
May 23, 2021

I always learn something new from you.. good one..

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