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Twitter philosophers: You should follow twitter philosophers over the cheap Instagram influencers.

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

What types of accounts do you follow on social media? Is the major part of your follow list consisted of models and cheap Instagram influencers? If yes, it's high time to rethink. Instead of targeting cheap dopamine triggers, it's high time to divert your attention towards building a growth mindset. Twitter has emerged as the best social media platform with all the modern world thinkers, philosophers and entrepreneurs being highly active on it.

Twitter Philosophers
Credit: Unplash

Humans love being social or more precisely we need a social environment to survive. Social surroundings build a person’s personality, behavioural patterns and perspectives towards everything. The social environment of the 21st century is social media.

The contents you are consuming over various social media platforms is affecting your growth both positively and negatively.

Instagram is the hottest social media platform at present. Millions of youths are on this platform both as creators and consumers. The newest trend going on social media is Instagram influencing. Anyone with a high number of followers is portraying oneself as an Instagram influencer influencing millions of teens and youths to follow this bullshit trend.

However, Twitter has turned into the perfect antidote to these chaos. All the modern world philosophers, psychologists and entrepreneurs are highly active on twitter. To have a growth mindset, twitter is the best platform to be in. From Kunal Shah to Naval, everyone of the modern influential thinkers is on twitter. So, choose your platform wisely.

Twitter philosophers over Instagram influencers:

Recently Tiktok and similar platforms became very popular among the teenegers. Reels in Instagram has also got tremendous popularity instantly just after its launch. What does it indicate? It indicates the modern busy lifestyles of the millennials. Nobody has time for long forms of content. Everything should be just simple and short that's it. The growth of microblogging sites like twitter is also an indication towards it. Short, simple and perfect explanation of any topic is the key to get success on such platforms. You needn't be a subscriber of multiple philosophy podcasts on various platforms, some selective Twitter accounts will do the job for you. There are many twitter accounts that will help you to have a growth mindset. Some of the best twitter accounts to follow include Naval Ravikant, Kunal Shah, Mark Menson and many more. Explore twitter a little more, you will find your type of contents.

A growth mindset is the utmost essential to prosper.. What the modern millennials are missing the most to target is the growth mindset. By passing whole of the day watching random reels won't help in your growth. Fill your mind with quality contents which will give you the thrust to work hard and be focussed on your goals. Contents you are consuming are the defining factor of your success. Choose your contents wisely.


Hannah Hannah
Hannah Hannah
Jan 12, 2023

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Michael Forest
Michael Forest
Jan 12, 2023

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