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Travel Therapy – Dare to Live the Life You Have Always Wanted

The thought of travel itself is enough to bring fun in life. Travel is the only therapy that brings relaxation and refreshment to life and gives a feeling of relief from our regular regimes. However interesting our life maybe, we require a change from our monotonous lives. When we travel, we spend some joyous time away from our comfort zone and try to rejuvenate ourselves by directing our mind to focus on something completely different from the same old routine that we follow daily. Always working and handling plenty of responsibilities can make us bored and depressed. Taking some time apart for traveling and exploring new paces, seeing new people, new cultures, tasting different food and listening to new conversations can make you refreshed and give you a new perspective on life.

Always being stuck at home and doing repetitive tasks can make you feel as though your only purpose is to follow a daily regime and you do not have any purpose in life. This feeling can make your life seem useless and miserable. All this can adversely affect your mental health. The travel therapy is the only medicine that can quickly relieve you from all your mental heath issues and nourish you emotionally. Travel keeps you away from stress and anxiety. Not only all this, traveling helps create beautiful memories which you will cherish throughout your life and these memories bring a smile on your face whenever you remember them.

Why Should You Dare to Travel?

Traveling is more than just visiting new places, trying different food, and clicking pictures. Traveling gives you plenty of experiences and has much more to offer. Let’s take a look at how traveling can benefit people:

1. Traveling Boosts up Mental Health:

The most important advantage of traveling is that it improves your mental health. When you travel, you begin to temporarily disconnect from your normal routine and begin to obtain peace of mind. Traveling has been proven to reduce stress and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Traveling promotes happiness and lifts your mood. Thus, it is very important to travel for improving your brain function and including your mental power. The brain also needs some time to rest and so getting away from work and taking time to travel can help you feel more productive and focused on your work.

2. Traveling Helps Heal Emotional Pain:

Traveling helps you get out of helplessness, painful situations, and emotional sorrows. When you go out for a vacation, you begin to manage burnout, build empathy, and improve your general outlook on life. Travel helps you escape old and negative thoughts and helps you relax mentally. Traveling can help heal a broken heart and ensures that you move on in life. Traveling is the best way to rediscover hope and excitement because travel fixes everything including a broken heart or an emotional pain.

3. You Meet People and Learn New Things:

When you travel, you get to meet new people from various new places. New places also introduce you to new cultures. You meet up with foreigners and make new friends wherever you go. Traveling creates a liberating experience because when you visit new places, you are free to go wherever you want and to do whatever you need. The people you meet whilst traveling often tend to have a different lifestyle, different goals and experiences, different habits, and mentalities. This will allow you to broaden your mindset and think differently at different situations.

4. You Find Yourself Some Leisure Time:

We are often quite busy trying to work within the stipulated time always. We seldom get enough time to think about ourselves and do whatever we like. Travel brings us the opportunity to relax and make some time for ourselves. Traveling is the best feeling because it helps us dissipate our fears and misunderstandings and makes us spend time away from familiar routines. When you travel, you find a lot of leisure time because you refrain free from all the daily chores and indulge in exploring the places you enjoy visiting. This will give you some me time and make you happier and healthier.

5. Traveling Alters Your Mindset:

Surviving in the same environment and living in the same place for years can make your life boring and unsatisfactory. If you perform monotonous work on a regular basis, you could probably get bored of life and life might seem dull to you. But traveling helps you to explore new places in the world where you wouldn’t have visited. When you go for trips, you get to see how people live in different parts of the world and therefore your perspectives about life change and you will have a broader mindset that will prepare you to adapt to any situation or any circumstance in life. Traveling makes you experience how people live and tackle situations in different parts of the world.

6. Travel Provides Opportunity to Learn:

Travel plays an important role in increasing your knowledge. It provides the best learning experience and a constant urge to keep learning new things. It urges you to learn new languages and improves your listening and speaking skills. You discover the new cultures, custom, food, and different ways of living. Travel gives you new experiences because with each trip, you get to learn many new things. Traveling around the world broadens your perspectives and moving around the world allows you to discover new cities and new cultures. You get to learn about ancient beliefs and stories of different places. Thus, traveling is a great source of knowledge.

7. Travel Makes You Appreciate Your Home:

When you travel, you spend time away from home and away from your family and realize that you won’t find the luxuries and facilities that you used to get in your house. There are some places in the world which do not have even the basic facilities like electricity or clean water. When you travel through such places and live there for a few days, you will start missing your home and appreciate whatever facilities you have at home. You will also value the support and love of the people living in your home.

There are a numerous ways of traveling. Some of them are listed below:

1. Road Trips:

When you are set on a road trip, you don't need to follow any schedule and you can travel with full freedom over your adventure. Road trips allow you to travel anywhere on your bike or car. You get a lot of flexibility and spontaneity over road trips, and you get a lot of relaxation.

2. Family Trips:

Going for a trip with the family serves as a good stress buster and is an excellent way to enjoy and relax with the family. Family vacation is a good opportunity for all the family members to reunite, enjoy, and have fun together.

3. Solo Travel:

Solo travel is very good to build confidence because when you travel alone, you meet strangers, you navigate your way in an unknown place, and you overcome difficulties all alone. Solo travel gives you complete freedom, and you start understanding yourself better.

4. Romantic Vacation:

A romantic trip is important for happiness and well-being of any couple. When you go out on a holiday, you reconnect as a couple and strengthen your bond. A romantic trip has the power to increase the fun and friendship in the relationship and the couple begins to enjoy each other’s company.

5. Adventurous Trips:

When you go out on an adventurous trip, you become brave and get an opportunity to grow and learn. New adventurous environments and cultures make you more enthusiastic and exposed to the outside world. Adventures expand the way we see and interact with the world. Para gliding, rock climbing, scuba diving and surfing are some examples of adventurous trips.

6. Educational Trips:

The most important benefit of an educational tour is that it helps you to understand the various social issues around the world. It also improves critical thinking skills and increases cultural and global awareness and thereby provides a good content knowledge. You get to learn a lot through educational trips.

7. Jungle Safaris:

Exploring the forest trial to witness the livelihood of various animals helps release of endorphins and fights stress and worries. Jungle safari triggers the power of concentration and observation and hence helps overcome sadness and depression.

8. Beach Spots, Sunset Locations, Waterfalls, and Hill Stations:

Traveling to watch these beautiful spots is the best way to break from your regular routines and enjoy life. There are breath taking sunset destinations which can be visited to witness beautiful sunrise and sunset. There are also attractive beaches, waterfalls and hill stations that can refresh your mood and help you rejuvenate.

Final Thoughts:

The therapeutic effect of traveling begins as soon as you start planning for the trip. The anticipation of travel triggers happy and positive emotions. Travel rewires your brain and is linked to greater happiness, creativity, and empathy. Even thinking about a trip can give your brain a boost. So, whenever you feel stressed, just pick a destination, decide the duration of your trip, book a flight, train, or a bus ticket, pack you stuff and get traveling!

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Sabina Babington
Sabina Babington

Even though I love this hotel very much too, I do not support this sea seal kind of holidays, when you just eat and snore under the beach umbrella. Being an active person, I chose Highlands and Islands Jeep tours to arrange my next travel to Scotland. I am sure I will not feel bored a single minute. My friends love them!



Hi there, nice post. I wanna travel too and I look for Holiday Inn hotel. Do you know everything about this hotel? Do you have information if there is anything like this in the Highlands? This is Scotland, so I am not sure.


Janet Locane
Janet Locane

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