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Top 6 Factors to Make Your Relationship Healthy

Everyone deserves to be in a healthy, loving relationship, and with the right person by your side, a healthy relationship is completely attainable. A healthy relationship also means a healthier you, including a lower risk of heart disease and even lower mortality, research suggests.

Factors to Make Your Relationship Healthy
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Here are 6 factors of a healthier relationship

1. Communication

There's no doubt that you've heard the cliché "communication is essential." However, this is the truth that it's a cliché for reasons. Effective communication is one of the most crucial aspects of being a good partner. When you're starting a new relationship, it's crucial to be able to communicate what you would like to achieve and want. Sometimes, this involves speaking up and having difficult conversations, however, if you're in a healthy relationship, your partner will be open and listen (and you ought to be doing as well). Being in the same boat as your partner can go quite a ways and being open with your partner about things that are bothering you, making compromises on your differences, and complimenting your partner are all just as crucial.

Communication is essential, but you must both be at ease with the frequency you interact with one another. If your spouse demands to be able to respond immediately promptly and keep texting them throughout the day and you don't like this, then it's not a good idea. However, if your partner ignores your messages and it's not making you feel happy, this isn't healthy either. Finding a balance of communication you both feel comfortable with is vitally important.

2. Respect

Being attentive to your partner (like really listening and not waiting for them to talk) in an effort to comprehend the perspective of your partner is an important method of showing respect to each other in your relationship. Even if you don't agree with the next POTUS, or if your team is Team Kimye and you're Team Taylor be respectful of your partner's opinions and choices. Do not try to convince them to make a change regarding things that are important to them, such as going to another country for a semester, or where they'd like to reside after graduation. If you have a good relationship the two partners will share a mutual respect for each other. If you can't always meet in the middle does not mean that the other person has to change their views in order for the relationship to flourish. Another way to build respect within a relationship is to be mindful of the privacy of your spouse and limits.

It is not your right to be aware of everything your partner does or who they are in contact with. Also, it is important to be aware of your partner's feelings and not do anything that could harm them, such as not allowing things to be kept private between you and your partner. A healthy relationship can't be determined by having the passcodes of your partner and seeing that pink heart emoticon next to their name on Snapchat. Although it's nice to be sharing these things but healthy relationships need some space and filters!

3. Boundaries

There are personal boundaries that we all have that make us feel comfortable, happy, and safe. In a healthy relationship, you must feel completely at ease in expressing your limits and trust that they are respectable (and in turn, with your loved one). If you're looking to meet up three times per week, that's okay; if you prefer to put off having a romantic relationship, that's fine If you'd like to continue your Monday Funday evening with baffles, do it! Don't be intimidated or afraid to establish the boundaries you want to set in your relationship. If you're concerned that your friend or partner uses limits to control your behavior, such as telling you not to socialize with your friends or asking you to give passwords to each other It's time to reconsider your relationship!

4. Trust

This is a huge one. Every healthy relationship requires unwavering trust between the partners. Whatever the relationship had to endure during the course of their lives, such as the cheating of a former partner or divorce of a parent In a healthy relationship, your partner will have complete trust in you. Remember you need time and patience to establish trust in the relationship (it isn't always easy from the beginning!) and that if your partner is completely confident with their feelings, it is important to honor them and not violate their confidence. Behaving in a way that is threatening or things that make them jealous isn't a good idea. On the other hand, If you aren't sure about your partner, then don't be around them. Do not allow your partner to utilize their distrust or past events as an excuse to control you, doubt your motives, or create the impression that you have to do everything in your way to earn their trust. Continuous affection, support, respect, and communication will naturally increase your trust in your relationship.

5. Support

One of the greatest aspects of having an enduring partnership is that you have a partner that is there to support you. If it's there to defend yourself whenever someone is rude regarding you or being the person that you can count on If you're in a relationship that's healthy, you and your spouse will be supportive of one another and respect one equally. Your partner won't employ tactics to influence you, control your behavior or make you feel inferior. They'll protect you, but not too protective. They will help you spend time with your friends and family, strive to achieve your goals for yourself, and enjoy an independent life beyond your relationship. The people who support you will always want the best for you and never hold you behind in pursuing your goals. When you're in a healthy relationship you'll be able to feel comfortable with yourself and not be pressured to make changes or massive sacrifices in order that your relationship can flourish.

6. Equality

Equality in relationships isn’t about everything being split equally. It is about maintaining balance. If one person always has more power and control in any aspect of the relationship, this is unbalanced and possibly abused. Each person should feel comfortable, supported, and respected across all aspects of the relationship.

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