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Tips on how to study: What should you study weekly for your psychological growth?

In a country like India where academic success is considered as a topmost priority, there remains a little scope for a school going kid to dedicate his time towards exploring other domains, even reading books from other domains. Non-flexibility of the education system is a big problem. A typical Indian student’s daily cycle revolves around studies only. Nobody encourages a student to pursue some other side interests in many Indian societies. An education culture where everything is predetermined like what to study, what not to study, it's high time that psychological as well as philosophical contents must be added to the formal school curriculum or in one's ‘study weekly’ routine at home.

Study Weekly
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Personality development is a holistic process. Only academic advancement won't lead a student towards great achievements. Along with regular academic subjects, a student should be introduced to some bit of psychological, philosophical and other intellectual contents which will be a great help in his/her psychological growth as well as personal development. In a school education culture where ‘what to study’ is always given priority over ‘how to study’, always thank someone who asks you about tips on how to study.

We often come across quotes about self growth, quotes about personal growth on various social media platforms. Quotes are meaningless unless you work hard and most importantly work hard on something that you are really interested in. Just going with the flow won't take you to anywhere. Reading books is the best way of empowering yourself both in terms of having knowledge as well as of perspective building. Reading self development books can help you in building your personality, having a growth mindset and a clear thinking ability to a high extent.

What to study for psychological as well as personal development along with regular subjects:

Indian education system is a marks and exam driven system. Personality development is a less talked about topic here. Social as well as soft skills start developing as we get introduced to a society for the first time, more accurately when we first go to schools. Schools are for social, psychological and personal developments. Academics are important but these soft skills turn out as survival skills in many cases later in life.

1. Self development Books:

Books are called best friends. But why? Reading self development books will introduce you to various new perspectives. It's said that you are the average of five people around you. In another way we can say that you are a product of your surroundings. Surroundings matter. But what about someone who doesn't have people around him having growth mentalities. Here books appear as a rescuer. When you start reading a book, you automatically get connected to the thought process of the writer in your mindspace. You get introduced to the author's wisdom just through a book. This is priceless. Fill your surroundings with books from various domains depending on your interests and see the magic. You will see a different version of yourself.

2. Personal development in schools:

Schools are not just for academics. Personality development is a crucial part of a school system. Holistic development is very essential and schools should give enough importance towards holistic development of their students. Sadly in many Indian schools, these concepts are nowhere given importance at all. Only thing they focus on is academica, marks and exam results. Without proper social skills, a student has to face a lot of challenges when he comes out from such a school and college education system and face the real world. Academic excellence won't help you in surviving in a real world system, but your various skill sets will.


This 21st century world demands skills. Degrees are turning obsolete now. We are seeing people with various offbeat skills achieving high success in this high tech era. Soft skills are at high demand now. Podcasts are ruling the YouTube scene now. We must give importance to skill development in our traditional school system. Including some non course subjects in a study weekly routine is not enough, we must move towards practical real world skill development now. Find your passion, be so good at it so that you can monetize it, improve your skills everyday, then build your empire around your skills.

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