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Strategies to Separate your Workspace and Living Space.

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

What is a workspace?

Workspace is the place where you do your office work. The workspace ideally should look like something having a laptop, chair, desk, and some kind of formal surrounding. The place where you get in and start your job.

Can workspace be a part of the home?

Hello FREELANCERS!!!!! Here you are. Being a freelancer, you don't have to go to the office to work. You have to do everything from home. So the answer is, yes, the workspace can be a part of your home.

As Covid-19 has arrived, not only freelancers but also normal employees also have to take their work desk at home.

Is it more comfortable to work from home?

And the answer to this will be a big YES. So, as everyone got their job done from home, they are more likely to spend time with family, friends, and a more comfortable surrounding. Working from home, it is easier to pass the day, you can eat whenever you want, you can be in whatever clothes you want. Even you can work in your pajamas!! Isn't it interesting?

Here the next question arises,

Are you able to concentrate on your work?

The majority of the answer will be No. When you got to work from home, you spend most of the time with your family. You get disturbed by the noise of TV, your children playing may disturb you, calling you in between your work and whatnot. You get zero privacy to concentrate on your work. We see images of people on the internet, working at home, one hand on a laptop and the other on the food. Working laying on the bed surrounded by pets. But is this the real situation where you can direct your mind on work?

It is high time to separate your workspace from your personal life. There should be the perfect balance between personal and professional space. This will increase your efficiency at work and you will be able to concentrate more on your job.

How to do so?

Here are some things which can make your professional as well as personal life much easier and separate from each other.

1 Create a separate Work Space

To concentrate on your work it becomes important to keep your workspace separate. Instead of lying on the bed and working, you can get a table and chair to get the formal feel. Arrange this setup in a refreshing area with enough space, this will make you feel fresh while working. If possible, find a space which is away from the hall so that you can not get disturbed by the sound of the TV or any guest if arrived. Try to be in a room where there is no relaxation place like a bed, otherwise, it will give you a lazy feel. Set everything in a way that as you enter the room you should give a vibe like an office. You can also decorate your desk with some motivational quotes and an indoor plant. It will give you more positive vibes.

2 Schedule office hours

Scheduling office hours is very important. Imagine getting to work at any time and stop working at a random time. It will but obviously going to be a struggle for you to adjust everything. To solve this problem, you should have a proper schedule for when to start work and when to get up. This way you can take time for your family and personal space too. Scheduling office hours will also keep you specified about how much work you have to complete and at what time. Sitting at getting back randomly will affect your workspace as well as personal space.

3 Take short Breaks

Having a shot of coffee or tea boosts up your energy. You can not work for a long period continuously as it gets boring to stay at work without taking breaks. Make a rough timetable including the time of breaks you will take in a day and follow this regularly. By doing so, you get some rest in between and you can concentrate more on your work after having a nice break. You can also set alarms to get notified at the correct time.

4 Use a separate phone for work

The next point to find a balance between personal and professional life is, keeping a seperate phone for work. In this era of highly active people on social media and digital platforms, there's always someone who calls or messages every other time. These calls and messages can become a great distractor for you to have full concentration on work. Using a seperate phone for work is a smart move to avoid irrelevant disturbance while you are working. Having a seperate phone for personal uses also gives you privacy and personal time away from the work when you are done with the work.

5 End your day with a to-do list

Take some time to make a quick list of things you have to do in a day. You can take out some time before starting the work and arrange the list of things to do. Or you can make an advance list one night before your work. A to-do list keeps you updated and makes your thing in a specific format. The more discipline you add, the more accurately you do your work. Doing this exercise will manage all your things and you already know what you have to do next.

6 Minimize your screen time

Spending the majority of time on the phone and laptop is very common nowadays. But everyone knows its adverse effect. Working for a complete day already makes your eyes lazy and this may cause headache or other problems. It's good to try to spend more time without your phone when you are not working. This also gives you more time to spend with family. Also make sure when you take breaks in between your work, try not to use phones. Even a little time away from the screen also gives relaxation to your eyes. Being on phone cuts off your rest time and this directly affects your work.

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