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Step set go: How this app helps you earn goods just by walking!

How will you react if I say you can earn the latest version of Iphone just by walking? Step set go is a Mumbai based startup that is encouraging you to walk and helping you to earn luxury items based on your points. So, put on your shoes, get ready and start walking and yes, get paid for your walks too.

Modern lifestyle is becoming hectic and monotonous. We often neglect our health while being busy making a career. Millennials are prioritising health and fitness which is the utmost necessity now. Here comes the role of Step set go. This app counts your number of steps using GPS which converts into coins and by using these coins you can purchase your favourite items from their online store. Great, right?

Step Set Go
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What is Step Set Go?

Step set go is a Mumbai based startup founded by three childhood friends namely Mishal Turakhia, Shivjeet Ghatge and Abhay Pai. Joining a gym is quite easier than practically going to it everyday. Getting out of bed is the real tough task. They spotted an opportunity in the health and fitness zone and started Step Set go in January 2019. As per YourStory media, this app has managed to generate 7,000 unique members daily since starting. Fitness industry in India is about to reach the 2k million dollar mark by 2k23. With the presence of other startups like Curefit, Healthifyme in the fitness sector, Step Set Go has been able to make a remark by using its unique connection of motivation with fitness.

How is this app good for the millennials?

Millennials are the prime target of any new creative startup. Every startup is just targeting to get more millennials on their platforms. Step Set Go is also not opting any different approach. What they are doing differently is that they are motivating users to walk and what else can be a better motivation than being able to earn luxury items just by walking. Everyone wants to remain fit and healthy but very few can follow the commitments they give to themselves. This app motivates you to remain fit and healthy. 

How Step Set Go works?

Step Set Go works on the principle of motivation. The app has 5 levels. First level is cleared once the user manages to complete 5000 steps for three days consecutively. A user can earn 5 coins daily during the level 1.  Level 2 comes with a challenge of earning 10 coins daily consecutively for three days with an opportunity to earn 10 coins daily. As level goes up, the targets become tougher. At level 5, the user is offered a challenge of earning 30 coins daily for consecutive three days. Failing to earn a minimum of 5 coins per day at level 2 is offered with a penalty of one flag and after consecutive receiving of three flags brings the user back to level 1. 


Step Set Go is a great app with the excellent model of achievement of fitness by motivation. More startups are coming up in the fitness and health sector. So far this app has been able to stay out from the crowd. This is an excellent app for the millennials who fails to prioritise fitness and health because of their daily busy schedule.

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