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Solar heated tents are a reliable solution for army personnel in high altitude areas

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Considering the Indian army, they have out posts, boundary check-posts, watch locations all across the border of India. Moreover, you will be aware of the high tension on the Chinese border along with the ever going dispute in Kashmir. These are all locations that experience a severe drop in temperature considering other places in the country. Thanks to the Himalayas and the long strips of hill stations surrounding these generic locations.

You have heard about the struggles and suffering of the army officers stationed and posted in the camps located over there. First of all a big salute to this patriotic and courageous army personnel who defend our boundaries from the attack of other countries as well as the ever-increasing terrorist activities. Moreover, you might have seen videos on YouTube or the ones circulated throughout Facebook as well as WhatsApp as well as other social media platforms describing the situations and the extreme weather conditions the army officials are facing.

This blog will provide information on low-cost solar heated tents developed for the Indian army.

The temperature in these regions will drop more than a negative 30-degree Celsius along with harsh winds and long-lasting night hours. Shelter and survival at these locations are extremely hard. Additionally, finding or building a temporary one while in the movement may take time and the chances are low of being successful at it. This is why the army has deployed sleeping bags as well as tents which are easier to carry around. Although these runs and sleeping bags will provide a shelter there is no control element on the temperature and the harsh surroundings with it. Here is where the Solar heated tent set up by the renowned innovator and educationalist Sonam Wangchuk comes into the picture with its advantages along with the functional as well as practical benefits of the solar-heated tent.

Solar Heated Tents
Source: Twitter/ Sonam Wangchuk

Source: Twitter/ Sonam Wangchuk

The innovator claims that it's one of the cost-efficient and reliable tents which can withstand a temperature drop up till minus 20degree Celsius and will maintain a range around 10- 15 degree Celsius inside the tent. Moreover, being one of the well-known innovators he has built the tendt for the army personals located at the Galwan valley. In addition, the cost-efficient solution will save gallons of kerosene and the use of other natural fuels. One of the key attractions of the tent is that it only weighs just above 30 kilograms in weight, making the portability fact or much easier.

Some salient features of the tent?

Now itself it's considered as one of the modernized and reliable innovations for the beneficiary as it simplified and reduced the risks of facing extreme weather conditions at high altitude areas. Here are certain salient aspects which I found quite interesting:

  • One of the best and innovative Eco-friendly shelter solutions for hostile personnel of the armed forces.

  • Capable of holding around 10 people warm, safe, and secure even in subzero weather conditions.

  • Ability to store solar energy generated during the daytime to be used at nights

  • Practically of moving it from one place to another due to its lower weight.

  • Prefabricated making it easy to assemble and disable on the spot and that too in a fraction of minutes.

  • Collecting heat energy from the sun and storing it in water was the method being used here.

  • Although it's temporary and can be set up in no time the structure is well insulated from its surroundings.

  • The same insulation and the heat generated from the water are responsible for keeping our jawans warm throughout the day.

These are all the best features of and not limited to. Moreover, Wangchuk has submitted his application for a patent, and it's further in the process making him vulnerable to not disposing of any further information on the materials and the technology involved.

Now hiring the name Sonam Wangchuk you might think it's familiar and you might have heard about it somewhere or the other. Wonder why? Because he is the same guy who was the inspiration and can be the same person as Amir khan's character in 3 idiots. Now the name might strike you. Let's hope that this life-saving solution will be widely accepted and be provided to army personnel in no time.

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