Science is a Boon: Is Life Without Science Possible?

We are all knowingly or unknowingly using science in our day-to-day life. You can see the use of science in each and every aspect of life. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, science is benefiting you in every way. Science is one of the greatest blessings to mankind. It has been playing a major role in improving our quality of life. Science is the basic concept behind most of our daily applications. Life is unimaginable without science because science is involved even in our regular activities such as cooking, driving, breathing, eating, and so on. Science is an important subject today as science holds our lives together. It deals with everything from your digital alarm clock to the clean drinking water that you get in your home. In the present scenario, technology has made a lot of advancements in our life. Technology is nothing but applied science.

Science is a boon
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Science has given rise to the life that we are living today. A world without science would be unimaginable. Here are a few facts that show us how science is involved in our day-to-day activities.

1. Science Has Made Travelling Quicker:


The transportation that we are using now would not be possible without science. The Aeroplane goes from one place to another in a moment. Before the invention of the Aeroplane, it was very difficult to travel far. The auto-rickshaws, buses, cars, and bikes are all applications of science, and they are helping us reach our destination in the shortest period. Metro trains have further elaborated the transport system and have become the quickest means of transport inside the city.

2. Science Has Made Communication Faster:


Earlier it was really difficult to communicate with one another as it was mandatory to visit one another to communicate. But these days a cell phone is everything you need for communicating with your family and friends. You are just a phone call or a text message away from your people. Email and fax have further improved the communication of information and important documents. And all this is because of science.

3. The PCs or Laptops We Use Today are a Gift of Science:


Computers have proved very beneficial to the modern man. Laptops and PCs have expanded the powers of humans to a great extent. Today, computers are being used to perform the most crucial operations such as weather forecast, guiding a spacecraft to the moon, diagnosing diseases, designing architecture, performing calculations, and operating machines. In fact, a computer is capable of doing all the works for a man.

4. Science Has Brought About Improvements in Medical Treatment:


The preparation of medicines is entirely dependent on the usage of science. Chemistry - a branch of science is the base for the manufacture of all medical drugs. Science has made it possible for us to invent new medical tools and equipment such as MRI and CT scanning machines, ECG scanning machines, dental equipment, oximeters, nebulizers, wheelchairs, and stretchers. The X-ray machines and ultrasound scanners have the power to diagnose any organ inside the human body.

5. Science Has Made Water Safe for Us to Drink:


Coagulation and Flocculation are the scientific steps that are followed before water reaches our taps. In addition to that, disinfectants such as chlorine are added to water to kill any remaining parasites, bacteria, and viruses which might be present in the water. After reaching our home, we pass the water through water purifiers to further clean the water and make it fit for drinking. Advancements in science have led to the invention of new technologies like RO and UV filtration. All this would never be possible without the use of science.

6. Science Has Brought to us The Era of Internet:


The Internet has played an important role in making our lives easier and enhancing the quality of our life. Through Internet, we can access information, connect, communicate, and share information. Online shopping has improved our shopping experience to a great extent. Internet is a good source of entertainment as well. Internet banking and payment gateways have also made our lives much easier and hassle-free. Almost everything is possible with the help of the internet.

7. Electricity! The Most Important Part:


Without electricity, people would not have enjoyed the luxuries of life such as coolers and air conditioners that keep us cool during summer, refrigerators to keep our food fresh, room heaters to keep us warm during winter, geysers, fans, and lights. Nights are not dark anymore; lights illuminate our