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Risk Factors of Mental Health and problems in youth

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Mental Health And Millennials
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Mental Health consists of our passion, spiritual, and our social-wellbeing. It affects how we think, feel, and acts in every situation of life. It also supports determine how we handle stress and make choices in our lives. A person's mental health should be very healthy to deal with different situations in life.

During your life, on the off chance that you experience mental health issues, your reasoning, mindset, and conduct could be influenced. Numerous components add to mental health issues, including:

· Biological components, for example, qualities or mind science

· Educational encounters, like injury or misuse

· Family background of mental health issues

Everyone has some risk of evolving a mental health disorder, no matter their age, sex, or financial status. In this busy lifestyle, mental health disorders are one of the foremost causes of disability. The social and economic circumstances of a person's life can all shape one's mental health.

1) Social and Economic problem:

One of the leading causes of mental illness is the pressure of the economy and financial strain. The lack of jobs and opportunities leads a person towards stress. A study in 2015 shows that many families have mental diseases because of financial issues. People with "weak economic status" also scored very high for this mental disorder condition.

2) Biological Factor:

The second but the main factor of mental health problems is that the genetic history of families also leads towards mental illness. They have a gene with some mental health disorders like depression or schizophrenia. Likewise, people who do not have related genes or family history still have mental illnesses. Some mental health conditions such as stress and anxiety may develop due to life-changing physical health problems such as many diseases like cancer, diabetes, and chronic pain.

Early Warning Signs of Mental Health?

Many of us face mental health issues in our lives in this busy life, but we cannot get that. Many of us ruin our lives just because of mental health issues. Here are some significant warning signs of mental health for you to recognize if someone behaves weird so you can judge him and find out if he deals with a health issue:

· Feeling helpless or hopeless

· The habit of drinking, smoking,

· Feeling confuses, angry, upset, and worried all the time.

· Start believing in the thing that did not exist.

· Thinking of harming himself or any other near him

Common Mental Health Disorders:

Some most common mental health disorders

· Mood disorder

· Anxiety disorder

· Schizophrenia disorder

Mood disorder:

This mood disorder in someone is generally known as depressive disorder. The patient who is dealing with this order has significant mood swings. In this type of disorder, a patient lost interest in every activity and became aggressive. He did not want anyone near him. You can help a person who is suffering from this mental illness by giving him time and sympathy.

Anxiety disorder:

The most common reason for this mental disorder is an anxiety disorder. People suffering from this disorder have an extreme fear of something that relates to any object or situation. They always feel nervous and tense all the time, examples of anxiety disorders and social disorder. Anxiety may cause some health issue that needs treatment.

Schizophrenia disorder:

Schizophrenia disorder is the most complex condition disorder. The signs of this disorder usually develop between the ages of 16 to 30 years. This disorder has both helpful and harmful symptoms. Cheerful and helpful symptoms of this mental illness include thought disorder and dangerous disorder, includes lack of motivation.

Mental health problem in youth:

Mental health problems in youth are a significant problem. And it is relatively standard. Multiple changes in a child's social life and people's abusive behaviour may lead a child towards mental health problems. Due to this disorder, he may feel insecure and unconfident in his activities. Lack of motivation also puts a child under stress. This disorder damages the academic and daily life of a child. It affects a student's stamina towards study, lack of concentration, feels sleepy all the time. Anxiety and mood disorder is prevalent in youth. Due to this mental disorder, the suicide rate in students is very high because of study stress and increased competition. To overcome the disorder rate in students, there must be a campaign that gives students awareness of how to deal with stress.

Mental Health Treatments:

In this society where the mental disorder rate is very high, perfect treatment should also be given. Many people are diagnosed with this problem, but there is no specific treatment that works for everyone. Every individual has his stress reason, so he must be cure according to his situation. This problem should be cured by psychotherapy,

· Medication,

· Doctors session,

· Case management,

· Hospitalization

· Support group and self-help plan

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