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Printable Solar Ink: How printable solar cells are made!

Ya, you heard it right! Ya, I was astonished as I heard about it so were you. My initial gesture was to Google about I mean this could revolutionize renewable energy and might be the best development in the decade. As still, the Covid vaccines will top the charts in fact for a long time in the century. Solar energy is one of the best sources to go renewable and an efficient clean energy source that can be derived from the best energy source The sun.

Printable Solar Ink
Source: Unplash

One of the key aspects which were holding the technology back from reaching a normal household by normal I mean middle class and the lower middle class is its initial charges which might be expensive for them initially. However, there is a misconception regarding this although, implementing a solar system is costly it will return your investment in the long run and even in two or three years maximum based on the capacity.

Today solar energy and its allocated equipment prices are gradually reducing and in no time the technology will be affordable to all humankind. Moreover, you will run your homes and most of the business free of charge in the aspects of electricity requirement. In addition, there have been various norms and conditions in countries regarding the establishment of a new facility or a house that they should include certain renewable energy development technology. Furthermore, solar energy plays the major share of such implementations.

This blog will provide you an insight into the printable solar technology which has been developed and further research has been performed to develop it as one of the most renewable energy sources.

All thanks to the CSIRO Melbourne and Monash Universities and further partners in this enterprise research are being done on printable solar technology and to bring them to market in a short period. Moreover, the research and the ongoing study has confirmed that printable ink can be used to print the solar panels into any surfaces including plastic this can be on the back of your phone, laptop, vehicles skyscraper and many more making it variabilities as infinite to be usable with ease and without the headache of implementing a panel on the rooftop or land.

What is solar ink?

Solar is the main key component of this developing technology. Although they have created prototypes of the technology i.e. they have printed it on plastic surfaces and generated power further research and development is being conducted to make it much efficient in operations. So what exactly is solar ink? This is a quest that arises even when I have it in my mind. It haunted me so like anyone else I Googled it. I was astonished by the contents as if it has been around for a time and various researches and developments have been conducted on it which I was not aware of.

Solar ink consists of metal salts suspended in a polymer fullerene blend. Moreover. it will have a photoactive layer with a p-type polymer and n-type fullerene. Furthermore, there is a cathode and the anode is suspended in a substrate.

So what is the fuzz about?

The main aspect to consider with solar ink is that it is cheaper than normal solar panels due to the less impact of manufacturing cost. Let me explain, the typical solar panel cost is higher because of its manufacturing process which is sophisticated as it should be manufactured in an airtight vacuum filled chamber in a dust-free facility. Which will add up to the cost due to the necessity of such detailed manufacturing infrastructure and facility.

On the contrary in the case of the solar ink, it can be easily manufactured in a normal setting with normal atmospheric pressure and room temperature based facility or room. However, there will be a reduction of less than 10 percent in efficiency but in the context of largely printable arrears, this is negligible and will become the cheapest renewable energy provider technology.

How will it be delivered to the market as the demand seems to be increasing once the technology is out?

The success of the technology depends on the manufacturing process and the execution of the technology will be purely based on the capability to manufacture it cheaply. Although, the researchers have found a methodology to mass-produce these solar ink printed panels cheaply and reliable. Moreover, they have configured and modified the commercial printers to run with the solar ink, therefore, being able to print photovoltaic sheets of operation with ease.

In conclusion, as these solar panels will be a cheap and cleaner source of energy, it will be much beneficial for the developing and underdeveloped countries to be self-sustainable with greener energy solutions. Moreover, will benefit the goal of reaching the dream of the world run with a cleaner energy solution which will improve the air quality, reduce pollution and provide longevity to the globe. Hope that this technology reaches normal households in no time.

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