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Pessenger got abused for speaking in Hindi ; conductor kicked out abuser ~FlyingPepper

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

In New Zealand,a pessenger who was talking on phone in Hindi got abused by a 16 Y O girl repeatedly.The girl reportedly yelled at the pessenger as ' Go back to your own country, dontd speak that language here' .

The conductor named JJ Philips then stopped the train on it's tracks to literally offload the girl

This is not a new incident happening somewhere for speaking in Hindi, Such incidents are being reported from across the globe many times.

As the incident occurred, the conductor arrived at the spot and asked the abuser to get off the train which she refused saying that she would get off on the next station which lead to the conductor calling the police.

This took almost 20 minutes to get resolved.Phillips also apologized for the delay.

Wellington mayor Justin Lester said the incident was a shocking example of racism.

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