Overthinking quotes: Why sharing overthinking memes won't help you overcome your problems!

Internet millennials are quite familiar with the term overthinking. Stress and anxiety are very common in the lives of modern millennials. We often find ourselves in hopeless, anxious and depressed conditions throughout our lives. Throughout the early 20s we fight hard to achieve our goals. The struggle gets even harder in late 20s if failed to achieve in our early 20s. Besides career aspects, various other factors also impact a lot in the lives of the millennials. Loneliness is a serious problem most of the millennials start facing during this frame of age. They start overthinking a lot which eventually start keeping themselves away from work. Just sharing overthinking quotes and overthinking memes won't help you in any way overcoming your problems in real life.

Overthinking Quotes
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Humans are quite interesting animals. Our fellow animals focus on just surviving. Humans are different. We have the unique characteristic of cooperation. This leads to hierarchy distribution in human societies. Hierarchy distributes power along with responsibilities. Dominance hierarchy leads to competition which eventually leads to increase in anxiety and depression issues in human societies. Those who stay at the top of the hierarchy pyramid have the maximum power with maximum resources with the maximum probability of happiness. Though happiness cannot be measured in materialistic achievements but yes the probability will be more at the top of the hierarchy pyramid as it eliminates all the struggle for survival and physical as well as metaphysical needs.

Overthinking is a serious issue in the lives of the modern millennials. It's a never ending loop. Like a positive feedback loop, once they enter, they get stuck in the loop failing to overcome from it. Millennials get triggered by various life events which lends them in the overthinking zone. The triggers may be related to career, academics, life aspirations or may be relationships. Overthinking takes them far from their work and puts them in a zone difficult to come out. This eventually put themselves in a ‘No Productivity’ zone ending up wasting time on idle and limbic tasks like scrolling the instagram and other social apps.

Why do millennials share memes all the time on social media?

What do you see the moment you open your social media feed? Mostly memes, motivational quotes or probably life quotes. Overthinking memes are also a large part of this social universe. Millennials can often be found busy tagging their fellow ones with such quotes and memes. But ever wondered why this scene is becoming so common?

This is nothing but a mode of escapism. But why do you get a sense of escapism? If we analyse properly, the root cause we find is something related to ‘interest’. When we are not feeling a sense of satisfaction doing the stuff we are doing, we get distracted easily by any activity that has a higher potential for a better dopamine hit. This is the reason why you get distracted towards instagram during your study or other work hours. Dopamine detox and other such similar concepts are now getting high attention from the millennials. All these concepts are no doubt cool, but for a long term solution, i think these hacks are not that much beneficial. Only long term solution is to find something that genuinely interests you and you can do that task 24*7 without even getting paid.

Sharing overthinking quotes is a waste of time:

What causes overthinking? Definitely we are not going into this discussion. But you must be aware of your social media time. Are you more of a consumer than a producer in any social platform? If the answer is yes, you must reduce your social media consumption. In this modern world, the contents you consume regularly defines the kind of person you are. Now you will counter me by saying that you follow only growth related accounts. But the concern is not only with the contents. The real concern is productivity.

The time you spend on tasks like scrolling the Instagram reels won't help you in your game in most of the cases. These apps are designed in such a way to keep you the maximum possible time with them. You start diving deep into the no productivity ocean and slowly in the process you get stuck in the loop. This will start keeping yourself away from your work and you will end up sharing random memes or overthinking quotes on social media. Its a complete waste of time. The best way is to start working in something that you genuinely love doing. Improve your skills so that you can monetize it. Repeat the process and start multiplying your skills. That's it.

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