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Money management a skill every young adult should master

Money Money Money, it's a rich man's world goes the lyrics of the famous song by ABBA. Yes, the lyrics are exactly true as money matters and there are various perks of having money at your hand. Today almost every person is earning and working so the question is how to get rich with what you have? The common ideology is to save more and spend less or on the necessary aspect for our coming generation to be richer. However, the greatness comes in the aspects of smarts savings as well as effective money management.

If you ask a common household person from India about investment and how to do it. Everybody will say to invest in gold and keep it safe in your house itself or the bank locker. But the risk of investing money in gold is higher as the prices may go down at any time based on the global market. However, considering Indian customs and traditions, most of the women wear gold ornaments, therefore investing your money only on a small possession would be beneficial. As the saying goes you should never test the depth of the river with both your feet.

Here I am about to share a certain aspect of money management that can be beneficial to everyone.

As mentioned earlier the idea is to be smart in your investments as well as your spending habits. Being smart in this context means you should understand the aspects of investments, research them, enquire with professionals, and service providers and choose the ideal ways suitable for you to make the investments which can be for the short term or a long term.

Analyze what you have in your hand

The initial step is to analyze the funds that you have at your disposal. By funds I mean the salary credited to you, your profits from business, and the equity of properties of establishments that you own. The next step is to analyze how much you can invest at the initial instance, and how much you can contribute to add up your investment every month after all the spending. For this, you can use numerous applications available which will be dedicated to helping you with personal money management.

Do your research

It's a vital aspect regarding money management that you should conduct thorough research on the various aspects relating to it. Learning about money management techniques from reliable sources can be more beneficial than reaching out to Google for your queries. For this, you can read various money management books available both as e-books and hard copy. In addition, today numerous online money management platforms will share tips and teach you about it.

Be a constant learner

Learn about the new policies of the authorities on the interest rates and the concerning aspects of the money-saving. Moreover, learn about the different methodologies which the brighter minds in accounting have put forward such as the 20-30-50 rule where you initially save 20 percent of your income, the 50 percent comes for the survivability aspects/ expenses such as food, shelter, water, and taking care of your family. Finally, the remaining 30 percent can be for luxury, or in any unpredictable instances, you can even add a small percentage to savings.

Today stock market investments, as well as mutual funds, are some of the best ways to make your investment. Moreover, you should master the ways of money management in stock trading if you plan on investing in the stock market. In addition, you can look up various online websites and platforms which offer you courses on it as well as pro tips to succeed with your stock market investment.

Now lets me provide you with certain tips on saving. As you will be allocating a certain percentage of your monthly income into the savings aspects you need to find the right solution on which the saving can go into. The one way is by creating a Fixed deposit on a bank moreover if the bank is owned by a cooperative society the interest on FD will be eleven more high. In addition, a Recurring deposit is a good easy for working-class people to build up their savings. Furthermore, insurance and their policy of them are tax-free which will be beneficial for you. The thing is there are various options for savings but you should be able to choose the right one based on your situation and the functionality of life.


Unknown member
Mar 22

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Sep 07, 2023

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Bob Devil
Bob Devil
Mar 11, 2023

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