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Millennials’ entertainment: Are You tube tv and ott platforms in India are disrupting tv in India?

Millennials’ entertainment: Are You tube tv and ott platforms in India are replacing the tv scene in the country?

There was a time when the only source of entertainment for the Indian audience was Doordarshan. Waiting for the weekend to watch the favorite movie or series with family was quite a common scene in Indian homes. Later satellite tv came into the picture and with the availability of more choices, things started changing rapidly. The recent rise of ott platforms in India indicates towards a big disruption in the entertainment segment in the country.

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Entertainment has always been an integral part of human societies. There used to be grand traditional performances for the ancient kings in different dynasties all over the globe. One thing definitely has changed over the years, that is the class of people performing. Earlier those artists who performed for the kings used to get paid mostly in terms of various gifts from the kings. They were sort of royal employees in the cultural segment. They were always considered at the lower section of the class based social structure. But in the modern world, those who choose the entertainment industry are considered celebrities and always we consider them at the higher in the hierarchy pyramid.

Are OTT platforms in India replacing the TV scene in India?

Precisely saying, the internet revolution is not a very old saga in the Indian subcontinent region. It's been hardly 10 years since this revolution of the internet started in this country. Social media revolution started with the introduction of FaceBook in this country. Facebook worked as a catalyst for the internet revolution in India. Millions of people got introduced to the magic of the internet through social media. Approximately 34.4 percent of the Indian population is presently on the Internet. The numbers are going to be doubled very soon. The recent introduction of ott platforms in India has started the ott revolution in this country. With the accessibility of high quality contents online has completely changed the scene of entertainment in India.

Every technological invention has its own time frame of existence. Technology is a constant upgradation process. When television was invented, nobody probably thought that television might become irrelevant in the future. But we are seeing the irrelevance of television shows among the millennials now. Similar scenes can be seen in the western world due to the disruption in the entertainment segment by You tube tv. The question is about the capability of the television to compete with the ongoing ott revolution in India.


The percentage of internet users in the United States is more than double of that in India. There are tremendous opportunities in the Internet based cultures in India. Whether its an Internet based business or a digital platform, opportunities are limitless. OTT platforms are the newest addition to the Internet revolution in India. Netflix was founded in 1997. But it became popular in the subcontinent region just recently. In addition to netflix, other streaming platforms like Amazon prime, Zee5 and other niche based platforms are also gaining popularity. The focus of the Indian audience has shifted from movie theaters to these streaming platforms. Typical Indian television shows consisting of family dramas are not going to survive at any cost. Millennials love consuming quality contents. OTT platforms in India have been able to disrupt the entertainment scene with high quality contents. You tube tv is still to get introduced in this country but for ott platforms we can surely predict that ott platforms in India are slowly disrupting the tv scene in India.

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