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Millennial problems: How do millennials always find life synonymous with confusion!

Millennial problems: How do millennials always find life synonymous with confusion!

Youth is the most important part of one's life in terms of career building, perspective building and hustling hard for your goals. Millennials often find themselves confused in many life situations during their 20s. Sometimes they have no one to guide them properly and sometimes they themselves like to sort everything by themselves. The problem with millennials is that they don't sometimes try to analyse from different perspectives. Probably everyone goes through such a phase during one's life. It's always better if you have someone by your side to guide you towards the right direction.

Confusion synonym
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After the formation of societies, humans started developing different structural formations in human societies like the education system, job systems and marriage systems. Youth is the phase when a person faces all these life challenges like to get into a good college, to have a career for better earning and to choose the right partner. It's quite normal to get confused during this phase of life. Modern millennials often try to portray their life as a synonym of confusion which is definitely not a completely correct way to look at one's life.

Confusion is a way of reacting to something you are not finding the right way to figure out properly. It's a way of reacting to various life situations. As the youth of one's life contains a lot of challenges, in most of the times, millennials find their lives synonymous with confusion.

Life of a millennial is just a synonym of confusion:

Life is all about challenges and the struggle and hustle to overcome them. Life becomes more challenging as we grow older. 20s are the ages when we face a lot of challenges, be it from the career perspectives or from the life perspective. How we react to the challenges that life throws at us define our probability of being successful or to have a better life ahead. Here comes the roles of societies we live in. Indian societies are comparatively conservative and very much traditional than their western counterparts. In a typical Indian society, there is tremendous pressure on a kid to perform well in school, college and various competitive examinations. The mindset that is being imposed to a student here is that performing well in academics is the sole thing you should think of. It's a very toxic concept. Lack of holistic development and life experiences put the student in a zone of confusion later on. This may be one of the big reasons why Indian millennials find their lives synonymous with confusion.


21st century millennials are blessed with the availability of the Internet. Nothing is that much tough now. Everything is global. This comes with infinite options to try for whether in the career path or in other life requirements. On the contrary, the easy availability of countless options in every sector puts the millennials in a confusion zone. Proper guidance and mentorship is very much essential at this stage whether it be online or offline.


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