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Migrant crisis:7 times Indian migrant worker crisis taught us that life is much more than a rat race

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Recently India has seen one of the biggest migrant worker crises in the history of its existence. While most of us were inside our homes,there was someone walking on the streets with a hope to reach his home safely. Lacs of migrant labourers from the metro cities of the country had no option than to move to their home villages by crossing thousands of miles on foot. Most of the daily wage labourers from the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh crossed thousands of kilometers on foot,on bicycles and on tricycles during their journey.They had nothing to eat,no one to support during their journey.


It was a fight for survival. When you are left with no option,you can go to any extent to save your life and your family. This is what happened in the recent migrant crisis. Kids carrying their parents back home on bicycle and tricycle paddling thousands of miles,mother carrying her child on a briefcase,husband pulling a handmade cart carrying his pregnant wife on it are some of the incidents that will come to our mind when we will look back to these days.

This migrant worker crisis in India showed us that life is much more than a rat race in many ways:

Family matters the most: Life is tough: In this time of crisis,as the whole country was under lockdown,they were left with no choice than to march towards their home villages. Thousands of migrant workers were marching towards their home states on foot carrying their kids with them with no money in hand and no food to survive. We complain about the privileges we didn't get during our childhood. Just think of the kid who has nothing to eat marching with his parents with a hope to reach his home. 

credit: the indian express

Girl carrying her father on bicycle: Jyoti Prakash,A Bihar girl paddled 1200 Kms from Gurugram to her native village in Bihar carrying her ill father on a bicycle. She is just fifteen years old. Kids of her age are busy using tik tok and pubG. When you read this staying inside your home,spare some minutes to thank god for everything.There are millions of people whose only target is to meet their daily needs. Your parents are the most important persons in your life.Take care of them,never hurt them. 


Mother carrying her child on a briefcase: The most heart wrenching video went viral in this whole migrant worker crisis in lockdown is probably the one where a mother can be seen carrying her child on a briefcase.A mother's love is unmatchable.They were walking from uttar pradesh to punjab on foot. It can be seen on the video that the kid fell asleep on the briefcase which her mother was pulling on. 

credit: The Indian Express

Husband pulling handmade cart carrying his pregnant wife on it: In another viral video, it can be seen that a person pulling a wooden cart made by himself to carry his pregnant wife on it. The fight of survival teaches people the art of life. People go to the  extreme for his family in the time of need. This is life. The winner in life  is someone who masters the art of survival.

credit: India Tv

Migrant workers not abandoning their pets: They may not have food,they may not have money with them,but they have big hearts.They choose not to abandon their pets on their way back home.Hundreds of migrant workers could be seen carrying their pet animals,birds with them. 

credit: DNA india

The Sonu Sood saga : This guy has done something which a powerful democratically elected government couldn't. He single handedly helped thousands of migrant workers in Mumbai to go back to their native states. Recently he helped in airlifting hundreds of girls in Kerala to send them back home. He has shown us how a person single handedly can help to improve the lives of the needy ones.

Credit: Hindusthan Times

Humanity exists: During their journey,a number of humanitarian organisations,NGOs helped them with providing food,water,milk etc. While the media was covering their journey,some people were there who were helping them in real sense.


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