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Mentor definition: What is mentorship & what are mentorship opportunities in India?

This country in the subcontinent region is becoming the global crush of every big multinational company in the world. The unique youthful workforce along with highly talented professionals comprises this country’s startup ecosystem. Even after having such rich human resources, a big portion of the Indian population is still deprived of basic life necessities, proper education and basic guidance regarding various career opportunities. There is a big opportunity in the mentorship space in this country of a hundred and thirty five crore population. Mentorship definition is quite different in this country’s perspective. In this era of the Internet, a live mentor is a better option to guide millions online over any other offline mode of mentoring.

What is mentorship?
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India has always been known as a knowledge provider to the world. From the days of Nalanda university to the present days of India being the major provider of brainpower to the world, this country has always been highly rich on quality human resources. But does anybody ever emphasise enough on those potential high achievers who end up doing nothing because of lack of guidance and opportunities or being unaware of countless opportunities around? It's tough to give an affirmative answer to this.

What is mentorship?

The basic idea of mentorship is very simple. Mentorship is basically providing help by sharing knowledge, information or experiences to someone. It may be in various formats. Our traditional school system and even the various coaching companies are some forms of mentorship. It can be one on one, seminar format or even through pre recorded videos. You don't need to search google for the mentorship definition, you may already be a part of such a mentorship system.

Mentorship opportunities in India:

India is the youngest country in the globe at present. The present youth population of the country must be guided, mentored with proper information and knowledge. There are tremendous opportunities in the mentorship domain in India. Be it at the skilled based education, higher education or even at the personal guidance level, there are countless opportunities available both online and offline.

Skill education:

In the next coming years, degrees are going to be irrelevant. Skills are going to overpower almost every other degree at present. Many online platforms are available now for learning skills. But still the gap is very high. Tier 3 cities, small towns and villages are still very far away from such platforms. As the gap is high, opportunities are also very high. Giving pepper mentorship and guidance to the student present at the most remote location of the country is the utmost essential at present.

Conventional education:

Conventional education system in India is broken in many forms. The formula based education system producing industry workers won't be able to sustain long amidst the revolution of AI, cyborgs and machine learning. An upgrade or alternative is the present necessity to sustain a growth targeting education system. There is a very big opportunity to establish a parallel virtual education system along with the proper mentorship features focussing on all these future aspects.

Personalised guidance:

Personalised guidance is something which most of the present education systems are lacking at. You can educate yourself by even watching videos online. But personalised guidance becomes important when you need instant help on something. This is a very big opportunity. Some players are already present in this domain but in a country with such a huge population, we need such platforms at many different domains helping students spreading all across the country.


The idea of mentorship has changed throughout these years. Future is going to be very different in the education sector. Information and knowledge will be much easier online. Knowledge sharing and mentorship will be in totally online format. Mentor mentee connection will be very easy. But our target should be to cover the students present even at the most remote location of the country.

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