Life Without Trees is Impossible: It's Time to Stand Up Against Deforestation. Save Trees Save Earth

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Trees are the kindest and most beneficial living things on earth. We are highly dependent on trees for our survival because they have always been furnishing us with life’s most essential components like food – in the form of vegetables, fruits, greens and grains, pure air - in the form of oxygen, and shelter – in the form of shade. They also provide a home to countless species of flora and fauna. More than 80% of the earth’s organisms have forests as their habitat. Trees serve as pillars of all ecosystems on which life exists. Without trees, the entire life on earth could be in danger. But these valuable forests are disappearing rapidly. It is high time that we understand the importance of trees and get rid of this global crisis by planning proper conservation techniques to save trees.

Here are some points that demonstrate the importance of trees for the existence of life and the reasons why we need to plant trees and take care of them:

1. Trees Serve as Lungs of The Environment:


Just as lungs purify the air inside the human body, trees absorb toxic pollutants of the earth and replace them with clean air. Trees also remove the harmful CO2 gas from the air and produce the super important O2 gas.

2. Trees Bring Us Water:


Trees regulate the water cycle and increase the atmospheric moisture by a process called as transpiration. A single tree is capable of releasing 200 – 500 gallons of water back into the air every single day.

3. Trees Help Balance the Climate:


Plants regulate and stabilize the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that increase the earth’s temperature and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Trees absorb the sun’s heat and foster rainfall thus making the climate cool.

4. Trees Hold the Fertile Soil Together:

There is always a chance of the soil in slopy and mountainous areas to sweep away whenever there are strong winds or rainfall. The roots of trees play an important role of holding the soil together and preventing soil erosion.

5. Trees Act as a Natural Disaster Barriers:


Trees serve as a green fence that acts as a boundary which protects living organisms from strong winds, storms, hurricanes, and floods. This barrier helps retard the effects of bad weather and block all the pollutants before they reach us.

6. Trees Offer Unlimited Shade: