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Life Without Trees is Impossible: It's Time to Stand Up Against Deforestation. Save Trees Save Earth

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Trees are the kindest and most beneficial living things on earth. We are highly dependent on trees for our survival because they have always been furnishing us with life’s most essential components like food – in the form of vegetables, fruits, greens and grains, pure air - in the form of oxygen, and shelter – in the form of shade. They also provide a home to countless species of flora and fauna. More than 80% of the earth’s organisms have forests as their habitat. Trees serve as pillars of all ecosystems on which life exists. Without trees, the entire life on earth could be in danger. But these valuable forests are disappearing rapidly. It is high time that we understand the importance of trees and get rid of this global crisis by planning proper conservation techniques to save trees.

Here are some points that demonstrate the importance of trees for the existence of life and the reasons why we need to plant trees and take care of them:

1. Trees Serve as Lungs of The Environment:

Just as lungs purify the air inside the human body, trees absorb toxic pollutants of the earth and replace them with clean air. Trees also remove the harmful CO2 gas from the air and produce the super important O2 gas.

2. Trees Bring Us Water:

Trees regulate the water cycle and increase the atmospheric moisture by a process called as transpiration. A single tree is capable of releasing 200 – 500 gallons of water back into the air every single day.

3. Trees Help Balance the Climate:

Plants regulate and stabilize the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that increase the earth’s temperature and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Trees absorb the sun’s heat and foster rainfall thus making the climate cool.

4. Trees Hold the Fertile Soil Together:

There is always a chance of the soil in slopy and mountainous areas to sweep away whenever there are strong winds or rainfall. The roots of trees play an important role of holding the soil together and preventing soil erosion.

5. Trees Act as a Natural Disaster Barriers:

Trees serve as a green fence that acts as a boundary which protects living organisms from strong winds, storms, hurricanes, and floods. This barrier helps retard the effects of bad weather and block all the pollutants before they reach us.

6. Trees Offer Unlimited Shade:

The rising temperature of the earth is an alarming factor for mankind. Trees cool the environment by about 10°F by releasing the water vapor through their leaves into the air. Trees provide enormous shade wherever they are planted. Be it our home, streets, or parks.

7. Most of Our Food is Plant Based:

Trees are the only source of fruits and vegetables on earth. Besides providing food to mankind, they are also a source of food for birds and wildlife. All our food including cereals and pulses are plant based.

8. Trees Prevent Harmful Ultraviolet Rays from Reaching Us:

UV rays are responsible for causing numerous problems like skin cancer that can destroy our skin. Trees reduce our exposure to ultraviolet rays to almost half, thus reducing the chances of contracting skin cancer.

9. Trees are a Source of Recreation:

Trees are said to provide a healing effect on people. Exposure to nature is believed to reduce mental stress and assist deeper concentration. Being surrounded with greenery induces a sense of happiness and relief amongst us.

10. Trees Help Improve Health:

Many trees, herbs, and shrubs possess medicinal properties. As a result, we obtain most of our medicines. Trees are natural filters that trap harmful pollutants as well as dust. Each tree removes at least 1.5 kilograms of pollutants from the air in a year. Being surrounded by trees aids stress and lowers blood pressure.

11. Trees Help Reduce Noise Pollution:

Noise is an unpleasant sound that interferes with human activities, creates a feeling of annoyance, and disrupts the whole ecosystem. Trees play an important role in scaling down the noise pollution that is caused due to transportation, urbanization, and industrialization. The mulling effect caused by the foliage of trees helps lower the noise.

12. The Raw Products of Trees are of Great Significance:

The tree is an extremely beneficial organism that provides us plenty of products such as wood, rubber, fruits, vegetables, medicinal flowers, and much more. We’re dependent on trees for almost everything either directly or indirectly.

The need of the hour is to conserve trees and the forest cover to protect our future and save earth from the devastating effects of deforestation. Precautionary measures need to be taken to improve the current condition of forests. The importance of forests can never be underestimated.

Here are some simple methods that can be adopted to save the trees in our environment:

1. Practice Minimal Felling of Trees:

The first and the most important step towards the conservation of trees is avoiding unwanted cutting down of trees. When there is a need to cut trees, care must be taken to cut them in a regulated and planned manner. Other than these, no trees must be harmed. This helps us to have a check on the number of trees that are being cut.

2. Saving Paper is Like Saving Trees:

Correct usage of paper can help save a huge number of trees. Paper should be carefully used by writing on both sides of the paper. Don’t use paper towels and napkins unnecessarily for activities like household cleaning. Instead, use old clothes for cleaning purposes. Make use of handkerchiefs rather than tissues and reuse cartons and gift wrappers. Try to use recycled paper wherever necessary.

3. Replace Paper Books with Digital Books:

Switching to digital books is a user friendly and convenient way to reduce deforestation for the manufacture of paper. Digital books are eco-friendly and cost-effective and thus you can view any book anytime and anywhere using only one smart device.

4. Go for Paperless Billing Whenever Possible:

Paperless billing not only reduces environmental impact to a great extent, but also offers enhanced security and convenience to customers by accelerating payments thus leading to overall improvement in customer satisfaction. It is always a good practice to request your bills by email instead of paper.

5. Plant More Trees – Practice Afforestation and Reforestation:

We still have a chance to restore previously degraded ecosystems and create a solution for the prevailing climatic changes. We all must practice planting trees in our communities. Planting trees helps maintain humidity levels and improves the quality of soil. By planting more trees, we can contribute to global reforestation and thus play our part in restoring lost forests and repairing damaged ecosystems.

6. Avoid the Usage of Disposable Wood Material:

Nowadays we use many disposable items such as spoons, plates, and various utensils which are made of wood. Manufacturing these disposable items requires felling of plenty of precious trees. But these are suitable for a single use. Thus, we must try to avoid these items as far as possible to help conserve trees.

7. Maintain a Garden and Keep Indoor Plants:

Planting a garden helps absorb carbon dioxide and harmful gases present in the air. Terrace or balcony gardens also help clean the environment. Indoor plants help relieve stress, boosts creativity, and increases productivity. Indoor plants also help reduce noise thus creating a peaceful environment at home.

8. Buy Products Made of Recycled Paper:

Recycled paper is an environment friendly option as it helps conserve trees. Recycled paper is the most eco-friendly option since it uses the least amount of energy, less water, and produces lower carbon emissions than the manufacture of non-recycled paper. Thus, before buying products, it is essential that we read the packing carefully to check if it is made of recycled materials.

9. Avoid Performing Actions That Harm Trees:

Activities such as Staking/Guying a tree, girdling a tree, putting mulch too close to a tree’s trunk, hanging bird feeders to a tree with nails and screws, pruning trees in wrong seasons, planting too many plants in a small area, and using herbicides and pesticides are troublesome for trees. Taking care of trees and helping trees by knowing what is hurting them is very important step in tree conservation.

10. Educate Everyone Regarding Conservation of Trees:

The most significant step in saving trees is teaching our young generation as well as people around us to plant more trees. We must try to educate as many people as possible about the importance of trees and organize official movements for preventing deforestation.

Final Thoughts

Trees are very kind and benevolent in nature, they are extremely kind and protect everybody. They don’t demand anything in return for their generosity. A tree selflessly offers all products of its life activity such as flowers, fruits, and leaves. It offers shade to everyone; in fact, it protects and gives shade even to the axemen who destroy it! It is our duty to protect our mother nature, we must thus protect the most important component of nature – the beautiful trees!

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