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It's OK to get scared and emotional

You and all of the people in this world have been scared once in your life or even faced it during most of your days. Like everyone I even get scared in my dreams and during my sleep. Further, I would create scenarios of me being in a situation about how I will handle and finally end up being scared that those situations might not come in my real life and pray that please spare me from those situations.

For all those who are scared and getting scared now and then or constantly I say to you it's OK to be scared. Being scared and emotional is part of human nature as said by Mammotty in one of the best movies of his career as well as Malayalam film industry the movie Unda. The plot of the movie revolves around a group of policemen who have been posted in Maoist and Naxal prone areas of the northern part of the country for election duty. A beautiful film from all aspects consider the story, the direction, camera effect, and many more all excelled and rooted for being one of the best films of the Malayalam film industry and will be one of the best milestones of it.

Source: POPCULT/Facebook

Being scared is a part of life that will be and always will be the part and parcel of life. Furthermore, there are chances where you will be sacred for days and will be scared for a day or two. The best aspect is to embrace the situation and move ahead with it. If you do so you will be able to face the same situation or similar ones ahead. Another aspect is getting emotional which happens to all of us, you can't be happy all the time however when time and situation comes where we feel like we are suffering we normally get emotional and will be in a dull mood and it will come to everybody at all aspects of life, without that is now a worth life that we live. The remedy here is to take some downtime to connect with yourself or take a break and the best is to talk to the loved one. Watching an emotional movie will be one of the tasks which are performed, which might not be acceptable by many to assist an unorthodox way to watch a sad movie during that time.

Let me give you an example from the experience of a friend that I have. It was during his school days, he had finished his final exams and was awaiting results, and were attending a camp at school. One day the staff members gathered the entire class in the auditorium to announce the results. In a usual context, you know how this would go on as they would call out the students who have passed the exams and would ask them to move ahead. Let me admit to you that my friend was on the weaker side of studies but was on average with mathematics and English. The curtain of results was about to rise and the auditorium was filled with pin-drop silence tadaaaaa...(dramatic music😀) the staff started calling out the names of the students who had failed and asked them to stand up which was not an orthodox way but my friend was astonished by the number of students that had been standing before his name was called. He failed 3 subjects, went with the retest, failed in two of them again, and again went for a retest where he cleaned one and the remaining one was cleared in the next attempt. Thanks to the board that the results were bound to the decision of the school that he was given multiple attempts to crack it.

After clearing all his exams he went to the next grade after a month the classes had started and when all his friends were attending the sessions. Thanks to the teacher there he was welcomed and was not looked down on. Today he is an IT professional with a reasonable amount of salary which is self-sufficient to lead his own life independently.

Let me now explain how he suffered the entire one month of reexamination. He was scared like hell and almost cried during the entire evening. Moreover, his family suffered a lot and were there to support him which gave him the strength to move ahead. His motto from there on after passing out of his school was not to be scared and face the difficulties and go ahead. Further, while he pursued engineering he got a lot of backlogs which all got cleared by the third year, done his Masters in Technology where he also faced a backlog and cleared it.

So to all the friends who are scared of the upcoming situation, I would say that it's ok for being scared and even the top minds of the world are scared now and then. The quality of a person is depicted when we embrace the situation and work ahead to overcome our fear by going through a difficult situation.

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