In Every Flaw There's a Blessing And In Every Blessing There's a Flaw-Things Don’t Look as They Are!

Blessings and Flaws are the embellishments that we have received by God. Both of these are very crucial for endurance and development. Most of us make the mistake of misunderstanding our flaws and blessings. But we are not aware that in every defect that we have, there is a hidden blessing from God, and in every blessing, there is a hidden defect. As we are all aware that in every business there is profit as well as loss, similarly, we should always be aware that there won’t always be happiness in life because life is meant to be filled with ups and downs, joys and sorrows.

Flaws are the defects that are present in every human in the world. Even the most perfect people have flaws hidden inside them. But the ability to overcome those flaws is present only in a few individuals, and those individuals are called successful people.

Blessings are the things that bring you happiness. A blessing is considered to be a favour and protection by God. We often do not realise that every moment of our life that we have lived and are currently living, is filled with countless blessings.

The Fact Behind Perfections and Flaws:


Perfectionism is a feature that one develops for their own self to be perceived by the world. Perfectionism is unrealistic but it is desirable by everyone because it brings in growth and success. The bad side of perfection is that it makes you more ambitious. Studies have shown that perfectionism can give rise to anxiety, depression, and stress. However, it has a good side as well - Perfectionism is a desirable feature because when perfectionism is followed adequately, it results in personal and professional success and growth.


Flaws are the imperfections and mistakes that we all do in our lives. These flaws are sometimes more important than our perfections. It is because through these flaws, we learn to be perfect and begin to inculcate the habit of making less mistakes. Flaws also have a bad side. When we keep repeating the same mistake again and again, it leads to distortion. It is not sensible to always have the same defect time and again. The positive side of having a flaw is that it helps us improve in our life by trying to eliminate the imperfections in us.

The need of the hour is to embrace your flaws and imperfections. This can lead to self-improvement and personal development and helps you focus on the important parts of life. Embracing your flaws can help you pursue the true purpose of your life and understand what you can do and who you're supposed to be. Knowing your flaws and embracing them can help you understand life's positives and negatives in a better perspective.

Here are the best ways that you can follow to embrace your Imperfections:

1. Admire Yourself Rather Than Criticizing:


If you always keep thinking about your flaws, you might be criticizing yourself. If you feel sad about your imperfections and give space for negative thoughts in your mind, you begin to feel underestimated and tend to become harsh on yourself. All this will have a negative impact on your confidence and will stand as an obstacle to your excellence.

You should rather try to be positive as much as possible and try to avoid any negative thought that might come into your mind. Admire yourself the way you are and don’t feel that you are not good enough.

2. Identify The Hidden Benefits in Your Flaws:


Learn to self-evaluate yourself based on your imperfections. You can do this by changing your perspective on how you look at things. Learn to be practical and encourage yourself to consider your flaws as your strength. Your mistakes don’t define you, but they can serve as secret weapons which can be used to master your dreams. Remember that you learn the best lessons in life when you make the worst mistakes and learn to rectify them. You shouldn’t be thinking that you are imperfect because you make mistakes. The fact is that you keep learning from your mistakes and develop yourself to reach the heights in your life.

3. Accept The Fact That Perfectionism is Unrealistic:


As we all know that nobody is perfect, we should also know that perfectionism is unrealistic. It is important that we try to do everything perfectly to reach excellency. But it is equally important that we don’t burden ourselves with the overwhelming desire of always being perfect. At times, we face certain situations in which things don’t work accordingly and we tend to encounter imperfection. It is best to keep doing your best and leave the rest to God.