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How to Make Friends in a Hostel

Being an introvert I have always struggled while making friends. I'm so scared at talking to new peoples that I preferred staying alone rather than making friends. Even many people think I have such an attitude as I never approach anyone to talk. But I know how my blood run cold inside when I think of meeting new peoples. I have such a nature that if someone talks to me then only I will reply to them, unless that I will never go to someone to share something by my side. It's not like I love to stay alone, but when it comes to starting a conversation with new people, it always had me quaking in my boots.

Due to this anxiety of meeting new peoples and new places I even refused to do my higher studies in a new city. Home feels like heaven to me and the hostel like a nightmare.

After completing my degree from my hometown, I finally made the courage to go away from home for further studies. Leaving my family was a big task for me and I cried my heart out. It took a long time for me to get comfortable with the new place.

To get used to a new place, you need to make friends. And here's a guide which I would like to share with you on how to make friends in a hostel:

Say YES!!!

If someone asks you to go out, or do something with them, don't say no. If someone is approaching from the front, try to say yes to everything. Spend some time with them, talk with them, have fun. If you still don't like their company, then say no for the next time. But don't refuse at first. Saying yes gives a positive reaction to the person and shows your interest. Thus it became a good way to make new friends.


Approaching starts with a smile. Keeping a smile on your face or even making eye contact is a good manner. If you sit in a corner expressionlessly, no one will be going to come and talk to you, which lefts a negative impact on people. As you entered your room keep a smile on your face, say hello to your roommates, try to start a conversation and you are set to go ahead. You never know the person you met in a hostel can become your best friend forever. This is the oldest, simplest, and the best trick to make friends.

Sit in groups

If you want to make friends in a hostel, sitting in bed in a room will not going to help. Sit in busy areas, park, groups where students are chilling. Spending some time in groups develops an interest in common topics and you get to introduce with other peoples. Try to initiate conversation, take part in activities and make sure you don't just keep scrolling your mobile screen. If you are not going to show interest, people will assume that you like to stay alone.

Be a good friend

Your search for a good friend will be completed only when you will be good with them. Stay loyal with your roommate, sharing your things and food is also another good thing that develops trust. No one likes to get into a trap. Be a good friend, stay funny, connect with their emotions and make your friendship flavourful. It's also important to give them their space, no one likes to be caged. If you put the effort into friendship, you will get back the same.

Make people feel more relaxed

Friendship is not made in a day or by following a specific method. It is an organic way to develop a bond, understand each other, and maintain relationships. The more you make other people feel relaxed and comfortable, the more it becomes easier to make connections. Go out and chill at some restaurants or movie theaters. This is the best way to get comfortable with new friends.

Ask to join

If you are new in a hostel, you will surely not want to go out or stay alone. You need a friend with whom you can have lunch and dinner, with whom you can talk and have a walk. In such a case, stay brave enough to ask someone to join you. At first, it may feel awkward but trust me even one outing with the person makes you much comfortable.

If you found someone playing games, just simply ask if you can join them. This is a completely normal thing in a hostel, you don't need to think about it more. Unless you will not join with people, how can you become friends with them?


Build your self-confidence and put yourself out there. Making friends is not something which should scare you like night terrors. Genuinity is also important while making friendships. Stay loyal about what you like and whatnot. You don't need to force yourself to like someone in a particular way.

Also, I would like to tell you, not everyone can be your friend. Don't trust somebody blindly, if the world has good peoples, it has bad peoples too. Stay aware of what you are doing and with whom you are staying.

Other than this, hostel life is really fun and most memorable. It may take some time to settle, but trust me, you will learn things over time and enjoy your life in the hostel.

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