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How to learn fast typing?

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

In a world where every single thing works with the help of technology today, learning about it has become one of the most important tasks. You have to constantly update, learn and practice. Some of the major techs today include computers and mobile phones. And learning to master typing has become one of the major skills resultantly.

Many careers today demand fast typing. While some people master the skill while being at school or through computer courses, some are still not there. This can prove to be a hurdle when it comes to them choosing a tech job, especially involving computers.

This brings us to the question: What makes you good at typing? Is it a mere practice of pressing the keys day in and out? Or is it understanding a few concepts as well? And lastly, how can you master typing, that too fast typing?

Typing fast involves a few points that need to be followed. Hereby, we bring you typing practices that if considered, can help you well.

How to learn fast typing?
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When it comes to computer-typing, the first thing that one needs to look out for is posture. Posture helps you to concentrate in the right direction with the right grip. Always make sure you keep your back straight and maintain the posture while you sit to type. Make your hands be at a 90 degree and your keyboard kept right in front of your stomach or somewhere around it.

This will help you gain proper grip and control over the keys. A simple improvement in posture can lead to more comfort while learning the process.

Position of Fingers:

When you begin to type, make sure all your fingers are slightly curved and your whole palm creates a shape like you are slightly holding a ball. Create a 90-degree angle with your hands while your back is straight.

Typing slow to fast:

As a beginner, you should first try to focus on writing slowly and accurately. Keep your eyes on the screen and begin typing at your comfortable speed. Once you have a good grip over the keys, you can increase the speed bit by bit. But it will take several rounds of typing, hence be patient and practice typing speed bit by bit.

Avoid looking at the keyboard and indulge in the screen:

This means trying to look at your screen more than you look at your keyboard or hands. This will help you focus while typing. Make sure you practice typing the right keys first while doing this and then typing fast.

Last but not the least, PRACTICE:

Practice typing every day. The more you do something, the better you get at it. Hence, make sure you practice it more and more every day. Typing keyboard practice takes time but if you are consistent, it can happen earlier than you assume.

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