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How is the Home Tutoring scene in India? Is it still a relevant concept in the country?

Approx. 10 years back from now, students going for tuitions on their bicycles after the school hours and before starting of the classes at school was a very common thing to see in a tier 2 or tier 3 city in India. This scene is very rare now even in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities in the country. 

Resonance Kota classroom
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Home tutoring was a lucrative option for the private school teachers as their salaries are low compared to their government counterparts. What are they doing now? Are their jobs gone? Is home tutoring a gone case in the Indian education scene? Let's find out. 

Indian education system has evolved a lot in recent years. Online medium of learning has introduced a new era to the Indian education scene. With the mode of learning getting easier day by day, the numbers of students shifting their minds towards these online platforms is also increasing rapidly. Which is definitely a bright sign for the education system. But, lots of questions remain unanswered with this revolution.

How is the present scene of home tutoring in India? 

Home tutoring is not a gone case at least not in the tier 3 cities and semi urban areas of the country. The scene has evolved though. A high number of startups got founded in recent years in the home tutoring sector. Some of them are doing pretty well now. As per the surveys, the online tutoring market in India is about to touch 5% of the country's GDP by 2021. We are talking about the traditional home tutoring scene where a teacher had to go to the student’s house to teach in a one on one process. Online platforms are great but this offline mode of tutoring is also a very big market., and are some of the sites providing offline teachers in India.

How much does a home tutor earn in India?

There is no such fixed figures to say about the earning of a home tutor in India. Several factors define a teacher’s  salary. The scene was very different earlier like approximately 10 years back. During that era, a good tutor used to charge 500-1000 per month for a particular subject on alternate days. He used to take at least 16 such students in one on one classes and more than 30 students in batches of 10 students in each batch. So, you can imagine his earning now. Now the scene is different. Majority of tuition services are now being provided through consultancy services. In this case, a particular percent of the teacher’s earnings goes to the consultancy. The concept of consultancy is still not a thing in the semi urban areas. Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities have already seen the consultancy model in the home tutoring market. It's a big market as education is the basic necessity. Someone who is qualified and has an excellent grip in his domain will definitely get success being a home tutor.

Online platforms and home tutoring:

Anyone with good qualifications can be a teacher now. Platforms like Unacademy and Vedantu have revolutionised the tutoring market in India. The online preparation market has already been captured by these platforms. They are providing classes even at the cost far below what an offline coaching company charges. It's a great thing for the education system as a whole. Offline classes seem to have been affected from this development. 

Many startups are targeting the offline market of tutoring in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of the country. They are providing offline teachers through a format of consultancy. This seems to be the next big development in the edtech sector as there is a high percentage of students who love to learn offline. 

Conclusion: Though going to tuition classes on bicycles after school hours is a very rare scene in the country, the mode of offline home tutoring is not a gone case now. Things got revolutionised. The mode of service has changed. There is still a big scope to make a good earning by tutoring offline.

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