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How is it hard to be an adult in the 21st century?

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

How does it feel to be an adult in the 21st century? Well, it’s tough to explain actually. Being an adult is both exciting and challenging at the same time. In this technological era with a lot of advancements, human life is becoming easier from the survival perspective. However, at a mental or psychological level, our lives are becoming more complex day by day.

What was the driving force behind human evolution? No; not exactly natural. It’s the fighting spirit. We never bowed down to any challenge nature threw on us. Our evolution is a result of all the challenges we as a species faced and our reactions against them. Whatever may be the situation, we always found a way to overcome it. But life has never been easy. While primitive humans had very few years of life spans with much lesser life expectancy, they seemed to have a much happier life than modern humans.

Modern life is becoming more complex, be it from the social perspective or the inner personal perspective. On one hand, we are now very close to each other on a virtual level, and on the other hand, we are going far from one another at a socio-physical level.

How is it hard to be an adult in the 21st century?
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Anyway, we start getting the vibe of the real world once we reach adulthood. The carefree childhood life sees an end here. You start facing new challenges life throws at you along with all the responsibilities. The transition is tough, but life works this way only. To be an adult is tough in a society where interpersonal communication is becoming obsolete and social support is just a daydream.

How does it feel to be an adult in the 21st century?

The 21st century is very unique. This century has witnessed many changes and evolutionary adaptations in the human race. With all these changes, the human lifestyle has also changed a lot. Technological advancements have changed the way we think, react, and the way we view the world and its future. It’s totally different to be an adult in this 21st century than to be one in the previous generations.

1. Worldview:

Our worldview is a result of our social surroundings, virtual surroundings, and our life experiences. In this era of technological supremacy, the virtual surroundings that we are in impact the most in framing our worldview and thought process. It has become extremely important to fix your surroundings. As psychology says, you are the average of five people you are being surrounded by. While talking about fixing our surroundings in this era, virtual surroundings have become more crucial than real ones. Contents we consume, people we follow, and the ideology we get inspired to in the virtual world shape our thought process and our worldview. Getting distracted is very common in the virtual world. It becomes tough to maintain focus on your goals while being surrounded by an abundance of the content of various kinds. To be an adult is really tough in this era in terms of having focus, concentration, and perseverance. Besides the need to get yourself updated with all the new technological adaptations, it’s highly crucial to stay safe from the negative outcomes of it. And that’s something not at all easy in this era.

2. Career:

Career is a very crucial element. Previous generations used to work to meet their survival needs followed by status. This new generation of people doesn’t work for that. They prioritize the quality of life before anything. Talking about career options, there is no scarcity of opportunities now. Lots of opportunities are being created with the introduction of many new technologies. It all depends on your skills and your attitude.

With all these possibilities, competition is also becoming higher. Traditional nine to five jobs are losing attention and freelancing as well as flexible career options are now getting a lot of popularity amongst the millennials and Gen Z people. From this perspective, we can definitely say that to be an adult is very adventurous as well as exciting in this digital era.

3. Mental Health:

While the previous generations were clueless about mental health; the millennials and Gen Z people are highly concerned about their mental well-being. As human-to-human interactions are becoming obsolete at the physical level and social bonding is becoming non-existent, mental health-related issues are now becoming very common amongst the youth. However, the best thing is that people are now quite aware of the mental health aspects.

Mental health was considered a taboo in many societies and is still considered as one in many parts of the country. The job that drains your mental peace, the relationship that drains your energy, or the environment that tries to pull you down; it’s high time to move out from such situations. Nothing is more important than your mental health. If you are not at all happy somewhere, just leave it. There are countless opportunities now.

What happens is that we still continue working somewhere despite not liking it at all just to satisfy our fears of not getting anything better after it. But that’s not a reality anymore. Instead, the probability of being successful in your domain is much higher once you leave the toxic place. We can cite countless examples satisfying this theory.


The world is changing very fast in terms of technological changes and lifestyle adaptations. To be an adult is very exciting and adventurous at the same time. While being highly updated with all the new changes, it becomes crucial to stay safe from them as well.

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