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How do you define consistency?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Luck is a myth. It's neither your hard work nor your perseverance, it's the consistency that is required the most in your journey to success. But how to define consistency? Let's find out.

Imagine being able to do something as a career that you genuinely love doing. Who doesn't want to have a life full of freedom and flexibility? I assume everyone does. But how many of you are genuinely ready for dedicated hard work to achieve that? Certainly, the number is not that high enough. Every goal demands dedication, hard work, perseverance, and most importantly consistency. Your talent will help you start your journey, but to get it going and make it big, you will definitely have to be consistent in your work.

How do you define consistency?
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Human society is a hierarchy-based system. Competition eventually becomes a byproduct of such a system. The bottom of the hierarchy pyramid is a very miserable place to be. Resources, attention, and respect all are low at the bottom of the hierarchy pyramid. Facilities, attention, and acceptance become much higher as you move upward the pyramid. This eventually leads to an increase in competition in every sector you want to excel at. In a country like India with a very high population, choosing a career is more of a result of social and financial pressure than of someone’s likes and dislikes. This is sad. However, the scene has started changing now. Gen Z people are now more into doing something as a career that interests them and keeps them happy; not something the society imposes.

How do you define consistency?

Freedom and flexibility are becoming the two most important matrices while choosing a career option. Monetary benefits are becoming a secondary factor now. However, it's still very tough to follow your passion if you are from a typical middle-class or lower-middle-class Indian family. Anyway, it all depends on how you define consistency.

1. Passionate:

Who doesn't want to be successful? But in reality, very few can work hard in a consistent manner. Unless you are passionate about your tasks, you won't be able to work consistently. But how to find your passion? It's not that much difficult as it sounds. Every one of us has some specific lists of tasks which we love doing. For example, someone may love doing painting and someone may be interested in watching cricket. Both of these can be converted into a career. People are earning their living by doing what they love doing. Online gaming is a great example of this. It all depends on you. The concept of consistency is related to passion. You can never be consistent with your work unless you are passionate about it.

2. Patience:

Patience is the key to success. You are not going to see any instant result in any field you want to excel at. It takes time to learn the skills, then need regular practicing to be good at them and again requires a high amount of time to market it and to get monetary benefits from your skills. It's a long process. The majority of the ‘hustlers’ quit even at the very early stage of their struggle on not seeing any kind of results. For example, let's assume you love writing blogs. But can you imagine how much hard work is required to be a successful blogger? Besides hard work, it requires tremendous patience to get any result from blogging. It's a very slow process. Patience is just like another word for consistency.

3. Self-belief:

Passion, patience, perseverance, and hard work all are fine but at the core, it's your self-belief that acts as the driving force towards your goal. Talent is useless unless you have enough confidence and self-belief about the tasks you are going to pursue. Self-belief is a crucial element in the concept of consistency.


It's totally up to you how you define consistency in your journey. Passion, Patience, and self-belief are the most crucial elements in the journey.

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