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Hostel vs hotel: Why you should always choose a hostel over any hotel while travelling solo

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Exploring the unexplored always contains a lot of thrills and fun. Ever wanted to have a different kind of experience being around strangers? Welcome to the hostel world. Hostel vs hotel is a never ending battle in the world of travellers. But trust me, for a true nomadic explorer, a hostel is a way better option than being at any luxury hotel.

Backpackers hostel

Who doesn't like to travel to new places, to know the lifestyle of the locals and to have a life changing experience roaming in the serenity of nature. Even from the time of hunter gatherers, humans always have the tendency to go to new places, try new things and to meet new people. Modern world is not different though. Modern millennials travel for luxury, peace and adventure. Seeing these opportunities in the travelling sector, people are now coming up with new creative ideas to support these travellers to have a unique experience. Backpackers’ hostels are one of such creative additions to the travelling sector. There are now many more options available for a nomadic explorer in the hostelworld.

On the contrary, hotels are mostly meant for luxury, hospitality and an isolated experience. Hostels are mostly inclined towards community building, socialisation and providing a holistic youthful positive vibe. A nomadic solo explorer finds more interest towards being at a hostel over any luxury hotel. Stay tuned, we have covered the hostel vs hotel debate later here.

What is a hostel?

A backpacker hostel is a house basically where digital nomads or solo travellers from different parts of the globe stay during their time of travel. Inside the hostelworld aslo, there are many types of hostels dedicated towards different kinds of travellers depending on the interests in different activities. These kinds of hostels help in socialising with people from different cultures, traditions and nationalities. Some of the hostels are completely in the dormitory format whereas some offer separate single and double rooms too. It's totally up to you where you want to go.

Hostel vs hotel:

This is a never ending battle. Both hotels and hostels have their own set of pros and cons. It's totally up to the mindset of the traveller and the situations which will lead him to a hotel or a hostel. Putting aside the hostel vs hotel debate for some time, let's discuss some facts about the two.

Hotels are mostly luxury focussed:

The whole focus of a hotel is to provide the best range of luxury they can offer to their guests. They always try to offer different sorts of services and luxury experiences to their visitors. Their business model revolves around luxury. It's definitely good for someone travelling for luxury, travelling with a group or with family. An isolated experience also comes as a bonus with these services.

For a solo nomadic traveller who wants to explore, a hotel may not be the best choice.

Hostels are meant for socialising:

Why does someone travel solo? Certainly not to be around a lot of annoying people. A solo traveller travels for experiencing the serenity, calmness of nature and to explore different cultures. What else can offer you more to experience different cultures and traditions than a hostel dorm filled with people from different cultures, traditions and nationalities. This is one of the biggest reasons for the solo backpackers opting for hostels over hotels.


The revolution has changed everything we humans used to pror the 21st century. All the sectors have been modernised in an exponential way. Travelling is also not exceptional. Online budget hotel booking to choose a perfect hostel prior to travelling to a new city is just a one click away now. Sites like offers you the flexibility to choose your favourite hostels without priorly paying for it. and have made apartments and luxury hotels affordable for a solo nomadic explorer. The hostel world is also becoming more creative day by day. Hostel vs hotel debate will be there forever but it's totally up to the traveller what kind of experience he wants to have during his stay.

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