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Hit punjabi songs: Why Punjabi songs are extremely popular among the non Punjabi speaking  audience?

Updated: Aug 31

Punjabi songs are known for their unique rhythmic beats and high notes. Indian music scene is completely dominated by Bollywood. In such a music scene of the country, Punjabi songs have managed to gain an audience even in the non Punjabi speaking regions. Staying apart from the bollywood mess, because of their unique tunes and catchy beats, Punjabi songs are very hit among the non Punjabi audience in the country as well as abroad. 

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India is a country with different cultures, races and traditions. Apart from bollywood, every state of the country has their own style of music. Regional music industries have limited audiences. Bollywood has all the machineries available with them to make a song successful which the regional music industries as well as the independent artists are lacking of. Punjabi music is an exception to this. They have always outperformed bollywood songs in their region as well as outside. Majority of hit songs in Punjabi music have been used in bollywood movies for a long time.

Though punjabi songs have always been very popular outside of Punjab, the actual boom happened in 2012 onwards. Honey Singh came up with a series of songs and albums with his western influenced Punjabi music. This experiment became super successful and helped him gain a large number of pan India audience. This probably opened gates for other Punjabi artists like Badshah, Raftaar and Guru Randhawa who are extremely popular amongst the non Punjabi speaking audience.

Why Punjabi songs are very popular outside the state of Punjab? 

1. Rhythm: Punjabi music is one of those kinds of music which will make you dance irrespective of your situation. Whether it is Bhangra or Urban Punjabi music, the catchy rhythmic beats will bring a smile to your face. No Indian celebration is complete without Punjabi music. Be it a wedding ceremony or a college fest, these songs are integral parts of any Indian celebration.

2. Tunes: Punjabi music is known for unique tunes and high notes. Bhangra is a different style of music. The mainstream Punjabi music is also famous for their unique tunes and beats. Songs with high notes with excellent tunes and rhythmic beats become super catchy for the non Punjabi speaking audience. They may not understand the lyrics, but the tunes and beats make them become listeners of Punjabi music.

3. Presentation: This is the era of the internet. Producing good content is not at all enough to get a lot of audience. Presentation is the key factor that decides your success. Here comes the role of visuals. In 2012, one of the biggest reasons for Honey Singh’s success in the Indian music scene as a Punjabi artist is the quality of his videos. His videos were at par with the western artists which gives an indication towards the production cost and indirectly gives an impression to the audience of a good product.

4. NRIs: Punjabis in large numbers live in Canada, U.S, Britain, Australia and other countries who are the major audience of Punjabi music outside of the country. Most of the famous Punjabi artists like Garry Sandhu, Jasmine sandlas, Jazz Dhami are non-resident Indians. Recently Dilgit Dosanjh’s latest album G.O.A.T got featured in Times Square which is an indication towards the massive popularity of Punjabi music outside of India. 

5. Bollywood: Believe it or not, bollywood music is now being ruled by Punjabi music. Majority of hit Punjabi songs in recent years have been used in bollywood movies. This gives an opportunity to the Punjabi artists to expand their audience to pan India level. Badshah, Neha kakkar, Guru Randhawa are very popular across the country. Even honey Singh during his peak also got a big thrust in his career from bollywood. As bollywood music is already the mainstream music in Indian music scene, any artist who gets a chance to sing for a Bollywood movie also becomes a mainstream popular artist in the country. 

6. Happy songs: Most of the Punjabi songs are happy songs. These songs are mood shifter. If you are feeling alone, listening to an upbeat Punjabi track will surely bring a sense of happiness to you. These songs are integral parts of parties, dance clubs and car music systems.

Conclusion: Punjabi songs are extremely popular and big hits in the Indian music scene as well as abroad. Because of unique tunes, rhythmic beats and catchy vocals, these songs are very popular even amongst the non Punjabi speaking audience.

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