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Had a Long Week? Here are 5 Things To Splurge On!

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Sometimes, it’s just nice to treat yourself! When you have had a long week, or a particularly gruelling day, splurging on online shopping is basically therapy. There’s also the feeling of excitement and anticipation from the second you hit “Place Order.” But you want to make sure you’re getting the right products, not just adding random things to cart. We know this, and we went ahead and picked the best options for you. So, here are 5 products to treat yourself to. Bonus: these will also improve your life!

woman shopping
Image source: Unplash

1. Blue-light filter glasses: $40-$60 The blue light your computers, phones, and tablets emit seriously affects your vision and sleep. Do yourself a huge favour and buy yourself a pair of glasses that block blue light. Blue light blocking glasses ease digital eye strain, decrease macular degeneration chances, reduce glare, and even improves your vision... not to mention you get better sleep! Just don’t wear them while driving at night. Blue light blocking prescription glasses will cost you around $40-$60.

Blue light preventer glasses

2. Micro-fibre body towel: $28 Microfibre cloth is not only more absorbent than regular cotton towels, but they’re also better for you and the environment. You don’t need to rub your hair to extract the water, since these towels can absorb seven times their weight in water, which causes less friction and strain to your hair. Regular towels cause hair fall and frizziness, so you won’t even have to invest in any anti- frizz creams and serums when using this towel.

micro fibre body towel

3. Wireless earphones: $60 and up. Wireless earphones just provide better sound quality, and now they even come with noise cancellation, and bass boosted technology. It’s perfect for when you go for runs or workout, or when you travel. You can generally get a budget-friendly version for about $20-$40 dollars, but the good stuff starts at around $60.

4. Waterproof, breathable sneakers: $135 Rains, especially around this time, can be pretty unpredictable. You want a comfy, breathable pair of sneakers, but you don’t want to get caught in the rain and have water soak through. Well, the simple solution to that is these Vessi sneakers. The best part? They’re sustainably made, so you’re helping the environment. No, we aren’t getting paid to say this, we just love these sneakers!

Waterproof, breathable sneakers

5. Compact air purifier: $299 This is quite a pricey one... but worth it! Are you tired of brushing and vacuuming your house nearly every day? A compact air purifier will catch dust, smoke, odour, pollen, and mould spores, ensuring you can breathe better in your home. This is especially great if you are asthmatic or have asthmatic family members or friends. They even help with allergies and congestion, giving you a peaceful night’s sleep.

Compact air purifier

Go ahead and splurge; you deserve it! These products won’t just bring you joy. They are practical and sustainable items you will use daily. If you enjoyed any of these products, feel free to share your experience with us!

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