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Fears and Worries Complicate the Life of Teenagers: What are the Worries? How to Eliminate Them?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Teenage is that stage, during which a lot of physical and mental transitions and developments take place in an individual. They are called teenagers because their age ranges from 13 to 19 years. It is during these years of life that a child experiences adolescence (transition from childhood to adulthood). It is normal for teenagers to be worried and stressed during this stage. The adolescent brain is extraordinarily sensitive to stress. As an adolescent, you are in dilemma most of the time because this is the age in which you are too old to do things that you enjoyed doing and you are too young to do things that you want to.

What Causes Teenagers to Worry?

Every teenager has certain stress points. Some may have phobias that impact their life. Here are a few common topics that teenagers are often worried about:

1. Fear of Being Judged by Others:

This is often referred to as a social phobia. Teenagers inculcate fear and embarrassment because they are too concerned about how people might judge them. This type of anxiety can impact the everyday routine of a young adult. An adolescent who is under this phobia often runs away from adults and fears and avoids contact with them.

How to Eliminate This Fear?

Teenagers need to keep in mind that everyone has his own mentality. Not everyone is the same and not everyone seems to judge you the same way. In fact, it is important to mingle with people, especially elders, to learn from their experiences and seek advice from them rather than being afraid of what they think about you.

2. Fear of Not Performing Well in Academics:

The most common topic of concern and worry among teenagers studying in school and college is the worry about grades. Teens are often stressed about the fact that their scores will impact their future. Exam fear is one of the most common feelings among students who are going to attend exams and this fear becomes a roadblock that will not let them perform well.

How to Eliminate This Fear?

Everyone has his own way of studying. It is suggested that teenagers who are studying need to be relaxed and keep their minds calm. Never keep revisions for the last minute, it is best to start revising early to overcome exam fear. Students must sleep well the night before the exam. Don’t worry about the results. Instead, focus on your studies and give your best in exams.

3. Fear of Overcoming Increasing Activities:

As teenagers grow up, they become responsible adults. As children grow, their academic responsibilities increase. As challenges increase, the competition also increases, and in turn, the stress among students increases. As children grow up, they gain their own set of responsibilities such as homework, project work, cultural activities, and academics. This can create stress and fear among adolescents.

How to Eliminate This Fear?

Teens have to be reminded that they have all the support they need – in the form of parents, teachers, and friends. In this growing phase, teens need to reach out to their parents or teachers to seek help from them whenever they feel stressed out. Elders always find a solution to our problems through their experiences.

4. Over-Scheduling and Lack of Time:

Students are usually short of time because they are always occupied with studies, college work, homework, sports activities, and assignments. Many of these youngsters have very little control over time and keep many tasks for the last minute. They feel very stressed and tired when they try to complete those tasks and often remain unsuccessful in coping up with their chores on time.

How to Deal with it?

Adolescents have to get rid of procrastination in the first place because procrastination is the root cause of problems like poor time management. Students who don’t have control over time are often among the ones who keep their tasks for the last minute. Young adults should make a schedule and stick to it. They must improve their timekeeping and orderly prioritize their tasks and set time limits to complete each of their tasks.

5. Worries About High Expectations and Pressure from Parents:

High parental expectations are a matter of worry among young adults. Nowadays, due to the rising competition among people in society, parents set expectations from their children that are too high and counterproductive. Students feel too pressured to fulfill their parents’ expectations and are often crushed under this pressure to deliver success. This can lead to fear, anxiety, and lack of confidence among adolescents.

How to Overcome This Pressure?

Children need to always remain calm and focus on their studies. They must know that their parents are concerned about their future and that’s the reason their parents pressurize them to succeed. Youngsters should take this pressure in a positive way and try to flourish with high grades rather than taking it in the wrong way and losing confidence.

6. Fear Of Not Getting into a Good College:

Most of the youngsters who are on the verge of completing school are often too concerned about getting into a reputed college. Students fear that if their grades are not good enough, they might not be able to get into a good college. This fear can create uncertainty and can lead to anxiety and thought of rejection.

How to Eliminate This Fear?

Students who are about to go to college must keep in mind that they are not alone. There are many students just like them, who are trying to get admissions into colleges and can face rejection. Students should not worry about getting into their favourite college, but they must accept the fact that there are many good colleges around them. There are other options as well.

7. Making Friends and Liking Roommates:

Getting into college often requires making new friends. It is tough to leave your old friends at school and making new ones at college, but the new friends that you meet in your adolescence will share most of your interests. Some of the youngsters have to leave their home and become independent in order to study or work – they need to start living in hostels and PGs and get adjusted to living with roommates. This can often seem to be very hard for teenagers.

How to Deal with it?

Teens must learn to make new friends wherever they go. But choosing friends wisely is a must. Finding friends who enjoy the same things and share similar interests can make them happy and on top of the world. Teens must not hesitate to meet new people at college and make new friends because friends are a source of happiness.

8. Upset About Not Being Given Freedom:

Teenage is the age in which young adults would want to act like a grown-up and to take their own responsibility. They often wish that their parents should let them make mistakes. Teens often feel that everyone else apart from them is having so much more fun in their life. Nowadays youngsters crave freedom because they love to be independent. But when parents stop them from making mistakes and advise them for good, youngsters feel annoyed and upset. This is common among youngsters.

How to overcome this?

Teens need to be thankful for having such good parents who are always concerned for them. There are many children in this world who don't have parents around them to support them. Children must understand that parents always know what is best for them and parents don't like it when their children make mistakes and fail in something.

9. Fear of Not Finding a Good Job:

Most of the children in high schools and colleges start thinking at a very early age about what kind of a job they are going to do in the future. Many of them are often too stressed just because of the fear of not finding proper job opportunities in the future and facing rejections. This is because they are uncertain about what kind of career path they are going to take up. There is a lot of confusion going on in a teen’s mind at this stage that makes them think about not being successful thus leaving them feeling sad and depressed.

How to Overcome This Fear?

Youngsters need to stop worrying about the difficulties that they're going to face in the future. Rejections are almost everywhere. Instead of worrying, they need to focus on the present situation and get prepared to face interviews and get a good job in the years to come. They must prepare their mind to stop fearing and rather start focusing on sharpening their skills through their studies.

Final Thoughts

Adolescence is a very difficult stage of life. It is at this stage that people have maximum stress that can easily convert into negative behaviours among adolescents like anger, violence, stress, and depression. It can also be converted into positive behaviour like coping with stress and problem-solving. Being a teenager also has the best part. It is because teenagers have fewer responsibilities and more freedom. They are the youth with the power and ability to change their destiny. Teens must accept challenges and opportunities and pass through all the tough times to obtain a good future and lead a happy life in the future.

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