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Effective Communication is the Key to Success. Here is How?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” - James Humes

Being an efficient communicator isn’t just about how confidently you can speak but also about how constructively you can make the other person understand. The benefits of good communication aren’t only limited to accomplishing career goals but also helps you grow in all aspects of life.

When you communicate effectively, not only you share your ideas much clearer but also build credibility amongst the people. Irrespective of your profession, having effective communication skills always helps you climb higher in your career. If you are or have been a working professional, you must have seen that the people who communicate well, get more opportunities at work. Isn't it?

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Understand the types of communication skills...let's go!

Being a good communicator isn’t about you talking well in English. Trust me, it’s not. Effective communication is an amalgamation of various other sub-skills that you must ace in order to communicate constructively. Intrigued to know what these sub-skills are? Continue to read more.

1. What’s communication without active listening?

How will you ever be able to respond to people aptly, if you didn’t listen to them actively in the first place? Irrespective of your profession, having effective communication skills always helps you climb higher in your career. If you are or have been a working professional, you must have seen that the people who communicate well, get more opportunities at work. Isn't it?

2. People love to be around positivity

There is a reason why your professional life isn’t called your personal life. If you want to achieve success at work, you must maintain the difference between these two. A friendly, cheerful, and positive person is what people prefer talking to. Asking your co-workers how they are, wishing them good morning with a smile, or helping them selflessly are the traits of a positive personality. who is comparatively more likable and approachable at the workplace.

3. Body language: you say it all when you say nothing at all

Good communication is 30% speaking and 70% your body language. You must have been advised to smile while speaking, sitting straight, and seem confident, right? It's because this small body language makes big difference in making a conversation go smooth. If you want to improve communication skills in the workplace, you should definitely focus on your body language.

4. Emotional intelligence

Half of the problems at work would automatically solve if you have control over your emotions. Sometimes we see things from our perspective but little do we remember that the other person’s perspective also exists. Being emotionally intelligent is one of the powerful communication skills that help you be much calmer, boosting productivity at work. If you want to become emotionally balanced, you should work on being emphatic, self-awareness, and your social skills.

5. Confidence is the coin that can flip your life upside down

No matter how valuable information you have to share, if you are not confident, you would be able to hook people to listen to you completely. Confidence boosts credibility. People love to believe a professional who is confident about his work. It is indeed one of the best interpersonal communication skills that can make or break every opportunity that comes your way. These were all the sub-skills that we wanted to share with you all. But hey, would you like to get some tips on how to improve your communication skills? What? What did you say? Yes? Ok, then.

Read more to know the tips to improve your communication skills

  1. Record yourself and rate yourself as a speaker. Everything comes down to practice. The more you practice something, the sooner you become better at it. It can't be easier than this.

  2. Read the best books on communication skills. Check out various people who talk about it on their channels, IG pages, or LinkedIn. Try to consume constructive content as much as you can for self-improvement.

  3. An effective communicator is someone who responds aptly and how can you do that? By active listening. So, the next time you are in conversation with someone, try to listen to them more rather than making them listen to you.

Nothing in life worth having comes free. If you want to experience an abundance of opportunities in your career, you must start investing your time and energy in improving yourself. When you know how to put forward your ideas concisely and convincingly, nothing can stop you from moving much ahead in your career. What skills are you already good at and what you would practice further? Let us know in the comments, we would love to know.

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