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Effect of the pandemic: Why caravan travel is gaining popularity amongst the Indian travellers!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Caravans are the newest addition to the Indian travelling sector. Caravan travel is undoubtedly the best mode of travelling amidst this pandemic. Pack your bags, start the engine and you are ready to go!

Caravan travel
Credit: Unplash

2020 has been a very unique year for all of us. It's been almost a year since the lockdown started. Travelling is amongst one of those sectors which is affected a lot during this pandemic. 

 With the commencing of unlocking, some of the tourist locations are now open for travellers. As the situation is still not normal, travelling in groups is still better to be avoided. Camper vans or caravans are the new favorite choice of the travellers as it offers complete isolation along with a flexibility of camping at different locations.

What is caravan? (Caravan definition):

A caravan is a modified vehicle with all the facilities alike home inside and is generally used for travelling and exploration. Caravan travel is a very popular concept in the West whereas in India, travelling by caravan is still a very new thing. Travellers who want isolation and complete flexibility in camping like to travel by caravans. Driving through the deserts, picturesque mountains, lakes and stopping by some serene locations to click some photos and enjoy the calm vibe are what a caravan travel offers. 

Caravan vehicle: 5 Vehicles that can be converted into caravans in India:

1.  Force Gurkha:  With 2.2 litres of diesel engine which delivers a power of 54 BHP, Force Gurkha is the only vehicle in India that offers complete off-roading capabilities. 

Force Gurkha
Credit: The Financial Express

2. Force Matador: Matador is a vehicle from Force with a perfect size for converting into a caravan, engine is outdated though. Production of this vehicle stopped in the 90’s but still many of this model can be found on the roads of tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India. 

Force Matador
Credit: YouTube

3. Mahindra Thar: Thar is an off roading vehicle from Mahindra. An affordable off-roading vehicle made in India which comes with a 4x4 feature, Mahindra Thar is very popular amongst the camping lovers in the country. 

Mahindra Thar
Credit: CarWale

4. Force Traveller: Force traveller is one of those vehicles which can easily be found on Indian roads more specifically on the roads of tier 2 and tier 3 cities of the country. 

Force Traveller
Credit: Wikipedia

5. Tata Winger: Tata winger is a perfect option for a family camper van. This vehicle is mostly used as a school bus or an ambulance in India. Winger has a great base for converting into a micro camper.

Tata Winger
Credit: Autoportal.com

Caravan Inside: How the inside of a caravan looks like!

As caravans are those modified vehicles which are used for long route site explorations and camping, all the basic as well as luxurious facilities should be offered within the van itself. The van is sort of a moving home. In general for big vans, all the facilities like beds, tables are provided with foldable and multi purpose usability options. A mini kitchen with a small gas cylinder is also provided with a caravan mostly attaching a foldable table at the doors. For a small van, a foldable attached camp is offered which can be unfolded once stopping by a