E-Learning: How has Online Learning Modified the Life of Students

E-learning which is also referred to as electronic leaning, online learning, or distance learning has a lot of opportunities as well as challenges. A lot of students worldwide are indulging in online classes due the pandemic because classroom teaching in this situation is merely impossible. Thanks to the modern technology, e-learning has now made distance learning possible. We are all aware that classroom learning is more interactive and effective but web-based learning is gaining significant popularity these days, however it still has drawbacks.

Every student might not consider distance learning as the best choice to pursue his/her education. Let us understand the PROS and CONS of E-learning to help the students decide on whether or not Distance Learning is beneficial to them.

Advantages of Distance Learning:

Almost all educational institutions worldwide have adopted online teaching methods due to the ongoing pandemic situation. The concept of education has seen drastic changes in the recent years, and it is possible that E-learning may also become the future of education in the years to come.

Here are some of the Advantages of E-Learning:

1. E-Learning is Accessible Anytime and Anywhere:

Online education offers students a benefit to attend classes from any corner of the world as web-based learning is not restricted to any geographical boundary. Anyone with an internet connection can gain access to the virtual classroom according to their comfort and flexibility. E-Learning also offers benefits such as online recording, archiving, and sharing of lessons conducted during online classes. This allows students to have a copy of the study material for future reference. It also benefits students who work part-time for their comfort.

2. Learning Stuff Online Saves Your Time and Money:


Unlike classroom learning, distance learning makes learning possible at any point of time and helps you manage and schedule your online classes at a time most convenient to you. Be it any time of the day, you need not worry about being late for the class or worry about transportation. No time is wasted on commuting to school or college. Online learning saves your money too. You save commuting costs, tuition fee, and money for buying books and stationery.

3. Parental Supervision Adds Joy:


While children are attending online classes sitting at home, parents get a chance to understand the study pattern of their child. While parents sit around when their child is engaged in virtual classes, the child gets extra confidence, and he/she tends to perform better in academics. Parent involvement in their child’s education creates a consistent and positive relationship between parents and their children. Parental involvement is also associated with moral support to their child and leads to lower failures and dropouts.

4. Students Become More Independent:


Distance learning creates an attitude of confidence amongst the students. It makes them think that it is safe to try out new things. Online learning routines help students to learn and practice things independently rather than always being dependent on instructions of teachers. Self-directed learning is the logic behind scoring maximum marks. Planning and organization of goals plays a key role for attaining success. Self-studies often help children to gain more knowledge of topics because it causes them to do a deeper analysis of the subject.

5. E-learning Makes Students Less Prone to Distractions:

Online Learning comes with a benefit of helping the children to stay focused and away from distractions through other students in the class. Some students tend to be distracted by large groups. There