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Don't miss this newsletter: Why email signups are the best thing you can do for your growth!

Nobody probably ever thought that the old school invention email could be a life saviour in the era of artificial intelligence. The mostly ignored email signups and newsletter signups buttons can empower you to stay relevant amidst the abundance of future tech. So, sign up today by going to with just dropping off your mail Id and stay updated with unique concepts and growth related contents.

Email Signups
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The world is slowly moving towards the era of digital and virtual revolutions. After the industrial and scientific era, humans are now entering into the era of AI, cyborgs, machine learning and humanoids. Virtual and digital dependency will reach its new peak in the next coming years. Anyone who will not be able to match with the new age technology will be left behind in the trends. Millennials must focus on upgrading themselves with future skills to make themselves stay relevant in the coming future.

In the age of social media and instant messaging platforms, uses of emails are now mostly limited to only professional and formal conversations. Are emails becoming irrelevant? Are emails going to be replaced soon? The answer is a big ‘NO’. Emails are nowhere becoming irrelevant. Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools that are being used by the marketers for marketing and branding purposes. It is one of the most effective and powerful tools that can be used to connect directly with your clients.

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a periodically issued bulletin featuring some specific information, offers for the subscribers of a blog or the followers of a news website. It may contain news, articles, members only blogs or others. A newsletter is considered as the best way to bring followers to the site. Attractive, well designed newsletters are considered as a great tool of marketing. Go through your email inbox. Most of the mails you have in your inbox are either related to some offers or about any kind of blog updates. Designing layouts is a crucial part of a newsletter. It must be designed in such a way so that the receiver feels a FOMO feeling while receiving it. Clickbait headings also work fine.

Email signups are the best thing you can do for your growth.

A growth mindset can lead you towards success and prosperity. Amidst all the distractions of social media and the real world, a growth mindset is what you should try to build during your 20s. Build good habits, eat healthy food and stay focussed; you will be closer to your goals. Emails are probably the most neglected communication tools amongst the millennials. But unknowingly, this is a tool which is adding tremendous value in our lives.

  1. Direct communication:

As emails are mostly used for professional purposes, this is probably the only tool that is still free from algorithmic bullshits. To the point conversations, less bullshits and direct communication are the USPs of emails which make this tool still relevant even in the era of instant messaging platforms.

  1. Instant access to knowledge:

Email signups are used by the websites to create a connection with their visitors. There are millions of websites in the world which focuses on growth related contents. Whether it may be an educational site, a health related site or may be a site focussing on psychological and philosophical contents, every site offers an email signup or newsletter signup option. By subscribing to that you will receive an email for every upload the site will ever have.

  1. Marketing aspects:

Traditional ways of marketing are now slowly becoming obsolete. Digital marketing has emerged as the future of marketing. Email marketing is a very crucial part of digital marketing. A website is of no use if it doesn't have a sufficient no of email newsletter subscribers even if it is seeing high seo traffic. The more the number of email signups and newsletter signups, the more is the stable traffic the site will have.


Traditional ways are not going to work in this era of high end technology. Information, news and knowledge are in abundance. Only instant and effective tools for consuming contents will be able to survive in the coming future. Emails are still able to cope up with the new trends.

Visit and subscribe to our newsletter just by dropping your mail id and get yourself updated with every upload from us. Stay updated, stay relevant.

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