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Busting The Educational Myths About Learning And Colleges.

As we are entering the next educational year, we need to remember what is good for you to have a great future.

You must know what is necessary to have in a school or college. You hear a lot about education and believe in their sayings.

But there are some educational myths that need to be busted.

Here's the list of educational myths that need to be busted :

Educational Myth 1. You learn only through the classroom.

It's been decades that we are seeing lectures held in classrooms. It's easy to adapt to what we see in day-to-day life.

But today online lectures are taking a good kick. It's an educational myth that you learn only through the classroom. We have to go through the new trends and keep ourselves updated.

Learning through online lectures is becoming normal now. As long as you are having full concentration on education,

it doesn't matter if the lecture is being held in the classroom or it is online. Learning through online lectures is even more convenient as it can be learned anywhere and has no boundation about the location.

Educational Myth 2. More Money Means Better Schools/colleges.

Many of us think, more money means better schools/colleges. Many of the parents still belives if their kid is in school which has higher fees means they are giving a high level of education. This is one of the most believed educational myths in our society. The quality of education mostly depends on the lecturer and the surrounding. Let's consider if you are admitted to one of the best colleges with generous fees, but the faculty is not well experienced, then he/she will not able to deliver proper knowledge on the topic. On the other hand, if you are studying in a nearby college, which is not so famous, but the staff is well educated, he/she will be able to teach in a much more interesting and understandable way.

Educational Myth 3. Students prefer face-to-face interaction, not online teaching.

It's the biggest educational myth that students prefer face-to-face more than online teaching. But looking towards the benefits it clearly shows students prefer online teaching more than face-to-face.

Online learning adds flexibility and better time management. It not only improves virtual communication but also helps to learn new skills and that too in your preferred location.

Educational Myth 4. Degrees and diplomas obtained through online education are not valid.

In India distance education obtained from the institutions/Universities approved by U.G.C. have the same value as of colleges and university.

All distance learning degrees awarded with recognition from the Distance Education Council (DEC) are valid if you are applying for central government jobs. So don't go with the educational myth that every distance or online degrees are not valid.

Educational Myth 5. First year doesn’t count.

This is the most heard sentence that the first year doesn't count. Your score depends on how active you are in your academics. Be it the first year or the final year, your overall score describes your learning graph. So to maintain the overall graph you have to concentrate on your first year too. Learning never goes to waste, then why skip the first year and directly jump to the next stage. Put some effort in the first year and remember basics are important to grasp the entire study.

Educational Myth 6. Improving attendance does not improve student outcomes.

There are colleges that claim if your attendance is less than 75%, you will not be able to sit in the exam. People think, if the student is more attentive in class means he is going to score more marks and vice versa. Many of us believe in this but it's a myth. Every regular student is not brilliant and every student having less attendance is not a below-average student. The outcome of a student depends on the efforts he/she puts into studies and not the attendance in class. Attending the class regularly is a good thing, in fact, one should be very particular about that. But it doesn't mean everyone who is not attending the class is going to scoreless. Don't let this educational myth impact negatively on you.

Educational Myth 7. The hardest part of college is getting in — once you're in, you're set.

There's nothing new to hear by many that you only have to put effort until you get in college. This is an educational myth. How is the justification for "once you're in, you're set" done?

The only hard work pays off. Just getting admitted to a good college will not going to score good marks. In simple terms, you have to do the same amount of hard work while pursuing your degree as you have done while getting admitted to a good college.

Educational Myth 8. Sending students from low-performing high schools to elite colleges is just setting them up to fail.

It's important to find out what is educational myth and what is educational fact. The performance of students depends on the teacher, not on the school/college. We make our mind what people say and consider it as a fact. But thinking practically, it doesn't give any justification that sending students from low-performing high schools to elite colleges is just setting them up to fail. The outcome of a student depends on his/her study and what he/she performs in the examination. Why can't we think in a positive way that getting them in elite college will improve their results?


It's all about everyone's mindset. We need to think practically and not trust blindly what others say. Education is something that has a special value and we should trust ourselves about what we can do to improve our skills and grades. Online lectures don't make education less interactive.

The hardest part is not getting the best college. It doesn't matter if you go to university or do distance college. Every year is equally important. Higher fees don't ensure the best education.

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Janet Locane
Janet Locane
Nov 03, 2022

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