Breathtaking places on Earth that are worth a Visit: Incredibly Iconic Structures to Inspire Tourism

Mother earth has many incredible and magnificent places to visit. We are unaware of numerous stunning locations on this earth. Fantastic places exist not only in fairy tales but in the real world too. Sometimes you have to see them live with your own eyes to appreciate their beauty.

1. Veluwemeer Aqueduct:

This is an exceptional and a beautiful work of architecture and engineering which allows water to pass over a road, unlike most other bridges that allow roads to pass over water. Veluwemeer aqueduct is a waterway that is in Harderwijk in Eastern Netherlands that measures up to 25 metres in length and 19 metres in width.

2. Wuxi Wanda Exhibition Center:

This is a cultural tourism city exhibition centre which is located on the border of Yangtze river and Taihu lake in China. It looks like a giant rotating teapot. This Building is made up of aluminium plates and glasses of different shapes and sizes. It has 3 floors. The building’s rotating structure gives has a mini roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, water park and other movable structures.

3. Bailong Elevator:

It is the heaviest and highest outdoor lift in the world. It is located in Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie, China and is 335 metres high. It has the capacity to transport 50 passengers at a time. Being the world’s fastest elevator, it takes just 66 seconds to travel from top to bottom. Its unique way of construction gives the visitors a unique angle for experiencing the lovely mountain view.

4. Guangzhou Yuan Building:

This is a 33-storey building in Guangzhou, China which is also called as the Copper Coin Building because of its color and structure. This building resembles the ancient Chinese copper coins. With a total height of 138 metres and inner hole having a diameter of 48 metres, it looks like a donut on the edge of the city’s Pearl River.

5. Dubai Frame:

This is the most attractive rectangular building which is in the shape of a picture-frame. This building is 150 metre tall and 105 metre wide and located in Zabeel park in Dubai. It is recognized as one of the most attractive skyscrapers to have ever existed in the world. The glass that is being used in this building is an integration of Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass that has great aesthetic value because it filters out UV and IR radiation thus preventing greenhouse effect. The photovoltaic glass produces clean energy from the sun and has great approach to sustainability.

6. Sarcostyle Tower: