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Best podcasts: The 10 best podcasts on Spotify for the millennials to have a better perspective

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Whether you are travelling by metro or inside a Mumbai local or you are a CEO going to your office by the newly bought Range Rover, the best thing you can do during your trip is listening to some of the best podcasts on Spotify. Instead of playing some random punjabi songs from your playlist, listening to a podcast is definitely a far better choice while commuting. 

Podcasts on Spotify playlist
Credit: Unplash

Spotify has emerged as a very flexible streaming platform with a collection varying from music, audiobooks to some of the best podcasts on the Internet. From crime thrillers, educational interviews, stories to interviews with some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, the Spotify podcast has everything. Elon Musk, Yuval Noah Harari, Robert Sapolsky to Jordan Peterson, every one of your favourite intellectuals is just a click away.

Put your earphones on, click on the podcast you want to listen to and enjoy the journey.

Podcasting is becoming popular day by day. With the introduction of podcasting to YouTube in the video format by various podcasters, popularity of podcast shows has increased exponentially. Millennials are opting for listening to podcasts over random songs from the Spotify playlists during their commute to the workplaces. Podcasts are in general contented with high quality interviews, information or narrations. Listening to a podcast during your commute will surely add more value to your life both intellectually and psychologically than listening to random Punjabi songs. 

10 best podcasts on Spotify you must add to your Spotify playlist today:

The Joe Rogan Experience

1. The Joe Rogan Experience: Joe Rogan is a comedian and an American TV show host. The Joe Rogan Experience is presently one of the most listened to podcasts on Spotify. This podcast hosts people from different domains. One of the top podcasts at present, The Joe Rogan Experience has featured people  like clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson to Elon Musk. 

Stuff You Should Know
Credit: Wikipedia

2. Stuff You Should Know: A curious mind is a solution to many problems. If you like to know the ‘How’s of everything you come across, this podcast is a must for you. From champagne, satanism to psychedelics, everything has been covered by them. Decrease the gaps of knowledge between the facts and yourself with this podcast.

Ted Talks Daily Spotify

3. TED Talks Daily: You don't need to open your laptop to experience a TED event. TED Talks Daily uploads the latest talks in the audio format every Wednesday. Ted Talk features topics from artificial intelligence, Zoology to mind power presented by the best thinkers and creators from across the world. Fill your mind with positivity, curiosity and give yourself a perspective towards everything by taking some space out from your day to listen to this podcast on Spotify.


4. Naval: Naval Ravikant is one of the most intellectual minds on the internet. A twitter handle naming Naval is very popular on twitter. He runs a podcast by the same name Naval featuring various topics like Business, Philosophy to Technology. One of the most interesting podcasts on Spotify, you can listen to Naval for some mind fucking perspective towards life, people and future.

On Purpose With Jay Shetty
Credit: Spotify

5. On Purpose With Jay Shetty: Jay Shetthy, mostly known for his motivational contents over the Internet also runs a podcast named On Purpose With Jay Shetty. He featured some of the most insightful minds in the world. New episodes are released on every Monday and Friday. As his tagline says Live life today On Purpose, this podcast will give you that ability to build your own perspective towards everything.

The Sadhguru Podcast

6. The Sadhguru Podcast: This is a spiritual podcast presented by the dynamic Yogi and spiritual guru  Sadhguru. Sadhguru has covered everything you need during your journey of life. Whether you are facing anxiety issues or having problems with life decisions, this show is for you. All episodes of his podcasts are available on Spotify. You are just one click away from the magic of spirituality.

Suhana Safar With Annu Kapoor
Credit: BigFM

7. Suhana Safar With Annu Kapoor: Earlier aired on Big 92.7 FM, this show got tremendous popularity from all age groups of audiences . A journey through the unexplored lanes of bollywood, songs from the yesteryears and the stories behind them with nostalgic narrative of Annu Kapoor is what the show is all about. 

The GaryVee Audio Experience

8.The GaryVee Audio Experience: Hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the most famous entrepreneur, CEO, thinker and public speaker of present era, The GaryVee Audio Experience features marketing and business speeches, interviews, #AskGaryVee episodes, segments from his WEEKLYVEE video series  and  his chats with others. From business and marketing lessons to choosing the right career, he has covered everything. One of the best entrepreneur podcasts over the internet, The GaryVee Audio Experience should definitely be in your Spotify playlist if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, marketer or a creative person.

Today, Explained by Vox
Credit: Apple

9. Today, Explained: Presented by the famous media company Vox, this podcast is the best medium to get the daily happenings in a non filtered way. New episodes are released on each day from Monday to Friday. Hosted by news explainer Sean Rameswaram, this podcast is a must listen to for someone who hates the dama on mainstream news channels.

Books And Authors, Hindustan Times
Credit: Hindustan Times

10. Books And Authors: A Hindustan Times production, this podcast hosted by Manjula Narayan features stories about books, authors and their journeys. If you are a book lover, you can definitely listen to this podcast.

Conclusion: Podcasting was an alien concept for the Indian audience one or two years earlier. But, now if you google podcasts on the search bar, countless podcast shows are shown on the search results. This shows the increasing popularity of podcasts in the country. Spotify is now a highly dedicated platform towards podcasts. All the best podcast shows over the Internet are available on spotify.

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