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Being self-sustainable is the one quality that you should take up.

Being self-sustainable has been one of the key aspects that the lockdown has taught us. As we are more dependent on our own homes we have taken up to being self-sustainable by growing our vegetables and micro-greens in our backyards, terraces, and our balconies. The aspect of being self-sustainable was embraced by people all across the world and the Coronavirus lockdown has taught various techniques to be self-sustainable and we have learned about many self-sustainability facts through social media platforms and news papers.

So the question is what is self-sustainability? before answering that we need to know what is sustainability? let me explain with an example: consider a company A has a profit of 120£ and has an expenditure of 100£ the company A is to be said as sustainable as it can function with the profits and tally up the expenditure and finally have 20£ as savings. Self-sustainability means practicing the aspect which will help you to be sustainable in your life. Let it be your income, growing your food, or generating the power required using renewable technology. Today The aspect of sustainability is more linked with power generation and utilization. As the use and generation of renewable energy, the organizations, as well as officials are promoting the business organizations as well as manufacturing industries to be sustainable.

Let me explain what it's meant to be self-sustainable and certain aspects to practice with this blog.

Being self-sustainable does not mean completely producing your required products, farming your vegetable or fruit but being able to perform the self-sustainability aspect up to a certain level as per your capabilities and time. Here a certain aspect is self-sustainability that you can practice which will not only help you with the money-saving aspect as well as being able to provide you with a sense of satisfactory feeling in your life. Let's now look into certain aspects which can be practiced to be self sustainable.

Have a vegetable garden

Having a vegetable garden is one of the initial steps to be self-sustainable. You can grow vegetables or micro-greens in small containers on your terrace or the balcony of your apartment. Moreover, you can grow by raising a bed in your backyard or front yard. You can use your vegetable as well as household biodegradable waste as compost and add them to the raised beds in half and half ratio for the soil to be nutrient and bacterial rich. Vegetables that can be easily grown and which does not need much care such as tomatoes, celery, spring onions, mint, and coriander leaves can be grown in small as well as large containers

Power generation

The use of electricity and the firepower needed to function for a person is one of the aspects of the concept of sustainability. You can use solar panels which are one of the prominent, reliable, and most used sources of renewable power generation. Therefore, while building your homes or setting up an apartment always ensure that you are installing 3-5 solar panels to power at least half the electricity needs of your house.

The same aspect can be utilized in the operation of a business where they can install several solar panels on the roof to run the business. In case you are generating more power than your needs it can always be sold to the electricity board and brought back during the night time. Moreover, there is no need to have battery storage if living in one of the areas having access to power grid lines because you can always buy back the power which you have sold during the night. This ensures that the cost of solar power generation and the installation of the technology is lowered.

Rainwater harvesting

One of the necessities in human life is water and using the ones that you have stored and saved will be one of the main steps to be self-sustainable. You can practice rainwater harvesting methodologies that have now been modernized and are convenient to you. Collect rainwater from your roof and store it in water tanks which can be built below your houses. Another way is the judicious use of water in our household activities as the grown water levels all across the world are depleting.

Always have a side hustle and try to be debt-free.

A side hustle is vital nowadays as you cannot entirely survive from a single income as the prices for the basic standards of living are on the rise. Moreover, a person eating a moderate salary is also finding it difficult to survive. Therefore, take up certain part-time jobs freelancing works or start a side business.

Try your life to be debt-free because debt can eat up your savings and bring you back to the stage where you initially started and with a lot of burdens. Therefore, it's best to live debt-free by being cheap in your vicinity and Increasing the saving percentages on your income. Therefore, you can support yourself during needful times.

Today it's vital that every person should improve their self-sustainability index as the world is moving towards harder times and is still in. The one thing that the pandemic has taught us is that to be self-sustainable so that we can be tension-free during desperate times.

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Feb 10, 2023

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