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All About Inner Beauty - A Beautiful Mind is Prettier Than a Beautiful Face

Beauty does not mean just having a beautiful face or a beautiful body or a beautiful smile. It is a combination of qualities like kindness, generosity, modesty, humility, commitment and honesty. Inner beauty depicts the character as well as the personality of an individual. Outer beauty refers to the physical appearance person that can be enhanced through makeup, hairstyle or surgery. But inner beauty is the real one which comes from within one’s heart and goes far beyond physical appearance.

People on the earth desire to look beautiful. So, they try hundreds of ways to look attractive for example cosmetic surgery, make up, hair dressing, clothing, and what not! But they think that outer beauty is everything and they don’t realize that outer is just for the sake of appearance. What people should actually concentrate on is inner beauty!

What is Inner Beauty?

Inner beauty is the beauty that comes from within. Inner beauty is depicted by strong moral values like love, kindness, care, compassion, understanding feelings, compromise, and sacrifice. Inner beauty of a person is said to last throughout his life and also will be remembered even after that person dies. That’s the reason why inner beauty is also called as true beauty of a human being. The outer beauty of a person tends to fade away as years pass by, but inner beauty keeps getting better with age. Inner beauty has the potential to build a strong bond between people that will last forever.

The inner beauty depicts the character and mindset of a person. It is very important to enhance our inner beauty because what we think in our mind has a direct impact on our behaviour. Thus, if we improve our way of thinking, then our behaviour also remains good. A person should always be evaluated based on the basis of the beauty of his mind, and not by the physical appearance of that person.

Your inner beauty is something which is permanent and can never be destroyed. A person with good qualities will always be remembered. Even if he is not alive in this world, he will still remain alive in the hearts of people because he must have won hearts of many people during his lifetime through his good qualities and good behavior. This clearly depicts the importance of inner beauty in our lives. The beauty of mind is something which does not depend on any circumstances like age, colour or race. A person with a beautiful heart radiates his beauty regardless of his physical appearance. A person with a beautiful and calm mindset is liked by almost everyone even after his physical beauty is gone.

How to Attain Inner Beauty:

Human mind can be refined by gaining knowledge, wisdom and experience about life and by inculcating a spirit of being a person with beautiful mind!

Here are few things to follow to acquire inner beauty:

1. Be Kind to Each and Every Creature Around You:

Kindness is the quality of being gentle, helping, caring, generous and considerate without expecting any reward. Try to make this world a happy place by spreading the act of kindness among all creatures including the animals. Feed the animals whenever possible because they depend on humans for food. Offer a helping hand to the needy. This will make them confident and happy. Listen to the needy and help them whenever possible. Treat everyone that same way as you would like to be treated. Kindness plays a major role in connecting you with people and helps you build good relationship with people around you.

2. Give Respect and Take Respect:

Respect is one of the most important moral values that one should have. Serve your elders and listen to their words because your elders have much more experience than you and they care for you. Be polite to everyone around you. Consider people’s opinions and show gratitude. Avoid any behaviour which hurts others. Be thankful upon being helped and apologise when you are wrong. Listening to other’s point of view is the best way of showing respect. Listening to elders has always been beneficial to mankind. Make sure you treat everyone equally are show respect. Respect creates a fair environment and helps develop healthy relationships.

3. Adjust and Compromise:

Adjustment and compromise are the necessary elements required to live and work with people. Very less people understand the value of compromise. Compromise doesn’t mean to lose one’s self-respect but compromise means to come to agreement by mutual concession. It is the quality that helps build strong relationships by showing concern towards your dear ones. Adjustments gives rise to flexibility and understanding among individuals and encourages mutual progress. It is not possible to win hearts of people without adjustment and compromise because life without adjustment is a useless life without love, warmth and happiness. So, one should not hesitate to adjust or compromise.

4. Be Honest and Open Hearted:

Inner beauty is the reflection of your truthfulness. Honesty is quality of always being supportive of truth and choosing not to steal, cheat, lie, or betray anyone. It is very easy to be honest because you just need to speak the truth. You will always be believed if you remain honest. You will become trustworthy and hence people will value you. You will feel satisfied when you are honest and open with others, and you will be free from any emotional discomfort or fear of being caught. Being open hearted attracts people because they feel comfortable talking to you.

5. Never Hurt Anyone:

Avoid behaviour that might hurt others. Don’t use words that hurt other people. When we hurt someone, we begin to slowly withdraw ourselves and go away from them. Avoid criticism and disrespect because we don’t always find good relationships. If you hurt someone today, it is obvious that you will get hurt tomorrow. We should never play with someone’s emotions because someday it’ll surely come back. Rather than hurting someone and causing destruction, it is good to help each other and grow in life.

6. Forgive and let go:

Always choose to forgive others and do not think about taking revenge. When you forgive, you heal and gain peace. Forgiveness illustrates the best form of love. Forgiveness creates a feeling of realization, understanding and compassion in the person who has hurt you. Holding onto hate can hinder your happiness whereas forgiveness allows you to start healing while letting go sorrows. Anger and grudge can make it difficult to survive with people while forgiveness improves relationships and creates a strong bond.

7. Be Nice and Polite:

Being polite is one of the most important ways of enhancing your inner beauty. Be nice to anyone you come across whether you know them or not, whether they are rich or poor. Greet everyone around you and be happy. Maintain proper etiquette without defending anyone. Politeness builds good communication, makes people comfortable, and creates a positive environment. If you’re polite, people will find it easy to talk to you and are more likely to deal with you in a good way.

8. Be Selfless:

Practice stepping out of your own desires, thoughts and emotions and think about others too. Selflessness helps you broaden your way of thinking and inculcates a feeling of generosity in you. It is required to be selfless in order to gain happiness in friendship, relationship and even marriage. Selfishness never gives you any happiness, but selflessness gives you a sense of satisfaction and happiness. One of the best things that a person can do is to serve others by being selfless.

Final Thoughts:

We are living in a scientific era where everything can be artificially produced. Man has invented plenty of things. Cosmetology has taken over the natural beauty. People have forgotten that everything created by God is beautiful. Outer beauty requires a number of expensive products and treatments on which a huge amount of money needs to be spent, but then it does not last long. People need to realise that acquiring inner beauty is way cheaper than outer beauty and just requires some personal rectifications and this inner beauty lasts throughout. A person who is beautiful from heart, looks beautiful even if he is average looking by face. The real beauty is in being virtuous. If you have inner beauty, everyone will love you and respect you.

It is often noticed that people look at someone’s external beauty and ignore their inner beauty. Whereas the fact is that the beauty of mind is more important than the beauty of the face or body. Outer beauty is God gifted but inner beauty is developed throughout our life. Inner beauty can be enhanced by inculcating moral values and good thoughts in mind. Increasing your inner beauty is in your hands. Emphasize on enhancing your inner beauty to lead a peaceful life and always be remembered by people as a beautiful person!

Working on your inner self can bring about changes that you never expect were possible!

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