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5 lesser-known skills to get a job in 2021!!

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Getting a job in 2021 is not a cakewalk, anymore, you can expect a lengthier interview process thanks to the online mode of interviews and enhanced, diverse expectations when it comes to the skills for the job.

Hard skills are certainly a part of it, but soft skills are prominently crucial too!! The job market in India is experiencing a major shift and you need to adapt quickly if you want to get hired. Now more than ever, it’s not enough to have one in-demand skill and expect to get a job, you need to be able to manage a lot more than the technical stuff and daily routine meetings.

While in a job interview it’s better to be armed with a good knowledge of the must-have skills which can get you hired in 2021. And as you keep reading below, you will find that this can be your ultimate guide to avoid uncertainty and be more prepared while processing for a job interview.

Lesser known skills to get a job in 2021
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Let’s quickly decode some of the most essential skills employers are looking for in 2021-

1. Communications skills-

The dumbest question of the year award can easily go to, Why communication skills are important?? The reason being, the importance of this one skill for all the employees in an organization irrespective of their position can never be stressed enough.

Having the knack of what to say, when to say, and how to say it can either make deals and relationships at work or break them for good. In the times of virtual meetings and conversations how you put across your point of view is of great significance, as you lack the in-person touch to reason with the receiver of your information, in case they misunderstand. Thus, being cautious and still getting your point across is of utmost importance, and this where polished communication skills come into play.

2. Growth mindset-

"Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new. "

This quote on comfort zone by Brian Tracy says it all. All the employers want to hire someone ready to break the comfort zone and get in the growth zone by taking up new challenges, saying yes to innovations and new ideas, on their team.

Absolutely nobody wants to hire someone who sticks to the old ways and "this is the way it is always done" attitude, without showing the willingness to explore newer and better ways. Make sure to display your willingness to learn, grow and evolve while in a job interview by sharing instances from the past for authenticity.

3. Curiosity and Creativity-

Curiosity and eagerness is a trait appreciated by most hiring managers, as it displays your hunger to get better, dig deeper and understand with diligence. And f you can top the information your curious nature gets you with some creativity, your chances of getting hired increase multifold.

In recent times when organizations are in a rat race to stay relevant and on the top of their customer's minds, your creativity will be an asset that can help you stand out. If as an employer, I ask you to give me, the format of a resume for a job interview and you get me the best one after doing immense research given your curious nature and also throw in some creative in trend ideas, I will hire you in a heartbeat and same goes for hiring managers, give them a combination of curiosity and creativity to close the deal.

4.Self-management & Resilience-

Now both of these skills have gained more importance during the pandemic when remote working was prevalent worldwide and employees were expected to display self-management skills like a pro.

If you are preparing for a job interview, make sure to include some stories, where you efficiently managed your workload while working from home and were able to share deliverables in time, with your hiring managers. Managers will be eager to hire you if you can prove to be someone who can stick to timelines without being nagged about it.

Also, now hiring managers are on the lookout for people who display resilience and can combat burnout. Now I am sure I don’t need to tell you the meaning of burnout, but I will tell you that it is very much happening to almost every employee given their working scenarios currently.

While handling office deadlines, online meetings, kids at home, the blurring line between work and personal life, employees are feeling exhausted and burnt out, and if you have been someone who has dealt with this feeling of uncertainty and managed to bounce back while helping others too, you will secure a preferred candidate badge instantly. The way you have handled remote work in the past or wish to handle it in the future will play a significant role in helping you land your next job.

5. Knowledge of Social media-

Not knowing how social media works that too in 2021, will not do you any favor. Organizations are now more than ever preferring to get minds that can understand how the digital world functions, on their teams. The times when basic knowledge of social media was enough to get you through your career have gone. Now every organization is hugely dependent on using this space to create awareness, establish trust and engage with their customers. In such a scenario lack of social media, awareness will only push you back while the knowledge of the same will get you back in the driver's seat.

Make sure to analyze the organizations' social media and keep few relevant ideas ready before going for a job interview to enhance your chances of getting hired.

You must have noticed that I haven’t mentioned the regular options in the above list, and that’s because I didn’t want this to be a run of the mill piece of content you will read today and wanted to help you build a perspective before you go for a job interview.

The employer and employee relationship have undergone a huge change in the past year or two, now the priorities have changed and so have the working trends. Now to be employable, you need to offer a homogenous blend of soft skills and hard skills.

We live in times where machines and bots are being relied on to do most of the tasks, our only power here is that we can use our humanness to stay on the top of our game. Use human intelligence, intuitions, logical reasoning, ability to empathize to our advantage. These skills are much more valued by organizations to establish a humane connection with their audience and stay relevant in this tough competitive world.

As a candidate, if you are technically sound and humane in your approach, you will get hired repeatedly.

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