Consult With Naureen

Clinical Psychologist

  • Starts from 400 Rs
  • Audio/Text Medium


I am a clinical psychologist working as a professional for the last 5 years. I believe in empathetic listening patience and a solution-focused approach are key to a healthy session. Apart from disorders such as OCD, depression, social anxiety, and mood swings, I also deal with relationship issues and anger management. Nonjudgmental way and confidentiality are promised. My aim is to offer easy access to counseling services and psychotherapy to women who struggle with mental health issues. As women, we need to prioritize our mental wellness and work towards improving our self-esteem and making ourselves a better personality altogether. Through my therapy and counseling services, I make a tailor-cut treatment to meet your emotional needs and help you overcome the issues you have been facing alone. My area of specialization is mostly disorders such as depression), social anxiety disorder, Generalized Anxiety disorder, OCD, and Borderline personality disorder. But, apart from these I can also help you with mindfulness, improving self-esteem, thought restructuring, and dealing with negative thoughts and emotions. I also deal with identifying narcissistic abuse, dealing with a narcissistic partner, and recovering from narc abuse. “God helps those who help themselves” Kindly DM me to book a text session.

Cancellation Policy

For 1 on 1 therapy sessions: To cancel, send us a mail at least 3 hrs prior to the session time. You can manage your bookings by login to the site too. For group Sessions: We have no cancellation policy as slots are limited and fixed.