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Why you should have more indie songs in your playlist~FlyingPepper

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

"saamne khadi ay

takdi ay

akhiyaan ton olay

hansdy ay"

I am pretty much sure most of you have never come across these lines or have never heard of Umer Farooq.These lines are picked up from one of his songs titled 'Teri Ay'.Most of us are huge fan of music and we have a habit of listening to music from various genres most of the time.Still we have scarcity of such songs in our playlist due to many reasons. Here, we have attached some of the most soulful yet underrated songs of different artists.The only problem with these songs are they ends.

1.Pahadan Ki Galiyan: This song from 'Deepak Rathod Project' will carry you to the mountains with his soulful lyrics and beautiful composition where he is telling his story of his lost love from childhood days and how they reunite at the end.Have a listen and enjoy the journey.

2. Na Ja: ' meri akhiyon ke samne,tuhi Mainu basda 'and the lyrics flows with strumming of guitar in the background.Wear your earphone set the volume high close your eyes and feel the song.

3.Sitaron se: Another song by Umer Farooq we have listed here.have a listen

4.Durr hai wo: Another song from 'Deepak Rathod Project'

5.Tune kaha:Imagine you are in a bus journey on a window seat, it is drizzling outside and this song is playing in your earphone with full volume.

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