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Why 21st century millennials are depressed?~FlyingPepper

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Being a youth of this generation is not a cakewalk.We are the most depressed and unhappy generation .In the late 90s '.com' revolution brings tech to every sector and with it internet has turned into a basic necessity for the new age people.Youth of this generation are depressed and are facing anxiety issues are due to the lifestyle and the mindset that has been developed from their childhood being surrounded by too much tech around them.The generation gap is so huge that sometimes that also turns out to be a cause of depression.

1. In a typical middle class society, financial stability is a big issue.The typical middle class society never focuses on the interests of the child what he likes to pursue and will he be happy or not after pursuing a career of their parent's choice.

2.Most of the people who uses social media platforms by knowingly or unknowingly start comparing their life with others they see on these platforms.

3.Judging is a natural tendency and our middle class society people are not less than any session court judge when comes to judge someone.

4. Our elders are kids of 60s or 70s and we are mostly of a generation of 90s.There is a big gap on the mindset and the thought process of these two generations and sometimes they just cannot understand the thoughts of the other one.

5. We have a very artificial lifestyle.Our life cycles around the internet.Being fed too much from the internet, we live in an imaginary world where everything is cool which is far from our real life and when reality hits, we start feeling depressed.

6. Too much pressure from our marks oriented education system right from the childhood.

7. Less exposure to creative interests and being demotivated for pursuing them.

8. Failing repeatedly on academics or ambitions.

9. Too much thoughts inside mind and nobody to share with.

10. Too much expectations from everything and not getting the expected results.

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