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Warning:Mistakes you are still committing on your JEE preparation that can kill your IIT dream

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Nearly 13 lacs students appear for mains every year and approximately 1.5 lacs students can qualify for advanced. During your preparation days of JEE, by knowingly or unknowingly you can do a lot of mistakes which can kill your dream of becoming an IITian.

With the addition of online mediums to the coaching industry, JEE preparation tactics have been changed by now. The whole JEE coaching scene has been completely changed so are the preparation strategies. You should always try to stay away from any blunder which may affect your result later on.

The Story: In India, JEE is considered one of the toughest exams. Students start preparing for mains and advanced once they pass their 10th. The coaching industry in India has grown so wide that some of them offer JEE courses even from classes 6th and 7th.

Indian Institue Of technology

Whether you are a student of 11th or you are a repeater(i.e 13th),these are the mistakes you may be committing which can kill your dream of becoming an IITian.

1.You are still finding it difficult to differentiate between your school and coaching:

When we get enrolled in coaching, first thing that comes to our mind is the teaching methodology.What you are being taught in a school is completely a memory based model. Indian school never teach you 'how to think', all the time they were teaching you 'what to think'. The JEE advanced for IITs test your IQ level and your capacity of thinking.Coaching industry runs on a very flexible model.They teach you how to think, how to imagine, how to feel a problem in calculus.Try to understand the difference in both of the systems.The faster you understand the difference, the more easier it will be for you to perform well.

2.You are skipping your daily dues of homework:

Always complete your daily dose of homework.First attempt all the DPPs you are given then go for problems from the sheets.All the premier coaching centres specifically from KOTA have their unique set of problems.All the problems on their DPPs and Sheets are their own products.They have their research team who create them after studying the latest pattern of JEE mains and advanced.Never skip your daily homework at all. It may affect your result at a very high extent.

3.You are involved in online gaming:

Online gaming is very popular among the students in KOTA. AS suddenly they starts experiencing freedom staying far away from their families, they slowly get involved in late night gaming activities(mostly counter strikes and Pubg).Remember these are momentary happiness or most accurately pleasures.Never forget why you come here, how your parents managed to send you here.Never forget their sacrifices.If you are already involved in these kind of activities, from now on, stop doing these.Stop going to the cafes at Talwandi circle for gaming.Use your mobile only for productive purpose.

4.Bunking classes at coaching:

The most suicidal thing students do in their JEE coaching days is 'bunking classes'.You are still doing it because you dont know the consequences of it.A very high number of students finishes with failure just for this habit.Coaching centres have their daily targets and they anyhow complete them.If you bunk only a single class, that will have an effect on the next 3,4 classes.You will not be able to match the speed and you will be left behind by 3,4 chapters.Never bunk any class.If you have to miss any class for some valid reasons, then please cover it up by attending doubt classes and extra classes.

5.You don't practice problems after coming back from coaching tests:

Coaching centers conduct tests in the format of JEE mains and advanced with exam centers all across the city. In most cases, the quality of questions asked in these tests is much tougher than the actual exam. Generally, these tests are scheduled at two halves, the same a the format of JEE. Most of you appear in the test, submit your paper, come back to your hostel by booking an auto with loud music. You never look back at the questions once you are in your room. This is a very bad habit. You only realize it when the paper is being discussed in your class and you remain clueless.

6.You are involved in random gossip:

Once you come back from classes, you go to your mess for meal with your friends and start gossiping on any random bullshit topic.You spend two to three hours just by gossiping with them.Remember, you are not here to enjoy, you are here to prepare so well for JEE that you can be at your dream IIT after your JEE. This is not the time to do all these unproductive activities.After coming back from classes,have your meal and take some rest so that you can study in fresh once you wake up.

7.In class also you are involved in random shits:

I have seen students who are present in a particular class but busy in doing random homework from other classes or solving their own choice of problems.First of all this is a very complex situation.If you know everything that are being taught in that particular class, than its fine otherwise you are committing a big blunder.Some students has a habit of using social media during class hours.This is very wrong.First thing is cellphone is banned inside coaching premises and secondly you are harming yourself by doing such shits.


Overthinking kills. It won't lead you to anywhere.Dont overthink at all. In whatever coaching you are in ,this is the best system of JEE coaching.Always think that if you cannot do it, who else can.You are surrounded by the best faculties of the country.Trust me you will not meet anyone of that calibre in your engineering college life and maybe after academic life too.They are the best and as you are being taught by them so should you. Whenever you start feeling low, think this way.

9.Unhealthy junk food:

Keep yourself away from junk foods. Hostels generally offer a very flexible menu except some messes.Regular unhealthy food will damage your health which will lead to skipping of classes which will have a high impact on your JEE result.

10.Studying all the time:

You may ask me how it can be bad to study all the time as your goal is to be an IITian,right?Then listen, by studying all the time, you are just decreasing your efficiency and productivity.The best way to study in a productive manner is to study with fun.Now you will ask me how it is possible to study with fun. It is as simple as a Pubg match with a noobie.

Study for 2 to 3 hours straight then take some rest, listen to some soft songs on earphones then again sit for 2,3 hours, go for a short walk, listen to some songs and repeat. That's it.

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