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Try These 5 side hustles with a 9-5 job to make extra money.

I am yet to meet someone who hates making extra money!!! Tell me if you have!!

Everybody wants to have some extra money in their bank accounts...right??

Fortunately the digital times we are living in, it’s fairly easy to build an extra source of income alongside your regular job.

Now the question is, how to build an extra source of income??

Exactly how everybody else worldwide is, by working on a side hustle, and trust me the ideas are abundant.

But what is a side hustle?? And how to choose a side hustle??

A side hustle is something that you do along with your regular job to make extra money. And the amount of work a side hustle requires actually depends on:

What is a side hustle
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  • The niche and market you choose

  • How demanding your 9-5 job is

  • How much you are ready to stretch without losing your sanity

Here is an example of a side hustle idea, you will relate to-

There must be a skill that you get a lot of appreciation for, by colleagues and managers in your office. Something that people always take your advice for. (Think and maybe write down what comes to your mind right now)

Maybe something like writing good emails, exemplary video editing skills, or an enviable knack for predicting market trends.

That my friend is your side hustle idea staring at you. Waiting to be monetized!

A side hustle can be about any skill/service/product, that-

1. You are better than others at

2.Solves a problem

3.Has an impressive market demand.

In case you are still clueless about what your side hustle idea can be. Let me walk you through 5 side hustles that you can pursue along with your day job to make that extra money.

But first, let us set the mindset right.

Before you start seeing financial gains from your side hustle, you will have to put in hard work and extra hours. Time management will help you get things done without getting overwhelmed and anxious.

Now, let’s discuss those options for your side hustle, along with your job-

1. Sell digital products-

Ebooks, digital courses, how-to videos, and ready-to-use templates, etc. fall under this category.

People are always looking for solutions to their problems in form of an app, template, checklist, or how-to videos. If you are able to create a digital product that can solve any of their problems, this can be your side hustle with your job.

The best part about selling digital products is that you need a lot of effort and research in the backend. To find out the demand, target audience, and the correct platform to market your product.

But once your products are out in the market. Timely reminders to your target audience can help you get decent sales on your resources.

You can easily work on a digital product with a day job as it has a timeline attached to it. Once you complete the product and set it up for sales, you can go back to focusing on your day job.

2. Teach online-

Online tutoring has seen immense growth in pandemic times.

Growing up you must have had a favourite subject, instrument, or language. Now it’s time to revive your love for it and earn some money by teaching it to others.

With online tutoring, the best part is that you get to choose your working hours and days.

This flexibility will help you plan your workdays better, and teach too, without getting overwhelmed. You don’t need to teach only maths or science. It can be a language, an instrument like a guitar, or even dancing. More like getting money by doing what you love and nothing beats that. Right??

3. Manage social media-

So this one is super interesting and has a high demand in the market. Both small and large businesses need an online presence nowadays. Thus the need for people to manage their social media.

If you are someone who is always updated with social media trends. The ability to understand the pulse of the audience is effortless, this is a good side hustle idea for you,

Consider working for 2-3 small to medium enterprises with your day job and make extra income in 2021.

4. Cook & Bake for love and money-

If it’s baking or cooking that you do after a hectic day at work to unwind, it’s about time to make it your side hustle.

As there are so many who hate the idea of getting into the kitchen after work. Trust me the struggle for finding an audience to sell this service to, is lesser here.

You can dedicate few hours after your day job to bake and cook for occasions. Take orders according to your convenience or tie-up with a local bakery and catering company. This will help you sell your products or get a gig in return for a commission that you can pay them.

Get a product and price list in place, keep the recipes simple and healthy. Set up an online platform to advertise your products so your customers can also approach you if need be, and you are good to go!

5. Blogging-

This is for the patient souls! To run a successful blog in 2021 you need valuable content, consistency, and as mentioned before patience.

Showing up on your blog with value one after another will help to build a loyal reader base. This in turn will help you monetize your blog through affiliate marketing, sponsored blog posts etc.

It’s important for you to pick a niche before starting a blog for your audience to know what they will find on your blog.

Talking about anything and everything won’t work, as it only confuses and pushes your audience away.

You can start by reading and analysing some famous blogs before starting your own.

  • Speak to experts in the industry

  • Try writing few guest posts

  • Publish blogs on free websites to see the amount of traction your content is getting.

The good part is that, in case you start a side hustle related to your job, you get to add that experience to your CV too. For instance, if you are a branding and communications professional and your side hustle is visual branding or copywriting. It's a win-win!!

Few things to consider before you get all excited about earning extra money and jump right in-

1. Make sure there are no conflicts of interest in relation to your day job

2. Make sure you are mentally prepared to stretch on a daily basis outside your working hours

3. Ensure that the hustle you pick has a demand in the market

4. Make sure to research as much as possible and have a roadmap in place

5. On days that you feel overwhelmed, make sure you have a community to connect with

6. Prepare yourself for hits and trials.

7. Learn to manage time

Starting a side hustle with a day job is hectic and will stress you out but the key is to stay consistent with a little progress every day.

People all around the world are benefiting from the side hustles every passing minute. Some are turning their side hustles into successful businesses and you can be the next one on that list.

Start your side hustle today!!

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