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The Mind-Body Balance: Why Taking Care of Your Mental Health is Essential for Physical Wellness.

According to wellness quotes,” The key to a healthy life is having a healthy mind”. Did you know physical health and mental health are interrelated with each other? Did you know poor mental health is the root cause of more diseases in our physical body?

A research department says mental health issues are the biggest killer and threat to human life after 20 years. It reduces the lifespan of the human being. Why are people not giving more importance to their mental health? A busy lifestyle and hectic routine lead to not taking care of their mental health. In turn, affects their physical body, and end up with some dangerous diseases.

Now let us see some in-depth information about how mental health affects physical health. What are the steps to take to care for your mind and body?

The Mind-Body Balance
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How to identify that you are mentally sick?

If you have the following signs, you will take action to change your mental health positively:

  • Rapid ways to fall into depression mode

  • Start to believe everybody and get influenced by other’s thoughts

  • Feel anxiety and stress

  • You feel detached from every work and responsibility

  • You don’t show more interest in any work

  • Filled with more negative beliefs, and emotions

  • Compare yourself with others and lose your self-love

  • Like staying in your own environment

  • Not ready to accept mistakes and blame others for silly reasons

  • Consuming more food items or consuming fewer food items, depends on their mental state.

These are basic signs that turn into health issues in the later period.

Mental health and Physical health: A beautiful connection

A survey conducted by Deloitte says, “ People aged between 25 to 40 years have more mental health issues that inverse the physical health in the later part compared to other age groups.”

Our mind is like an instructor for our human body.

For example: when you feel thirsty, your mind indicates to drink water.

We can compare our mind and body to the eyes. Is it possible to live with one eye in this world? No. Likewise, pure mental health gives a fit and energetic body.

Many people around the world beat deadly diseases like cancer with the help of their minds and increase their lifespan even though doctors can’t treat their diseases. So, mind and body are interdependent.

Effects of physical health when your mental health is not stable

As already said, our mental health is the base of physical health. Because of mental stress and continuous thoughts, our physical body feels tired, and our energy gets lower almost every time.

A study found out that poor care of mental health paves the way for more deadly diseases such as:

  • Addiction to bad habits- smoking and alcohol

  • Chronic diseases- Depression and stress are the reason for many illnesses as asthma, cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and Arthritis

  • Lack of sleep- poor mental conditions cause you more sleep problems such as insomnia, sleep disorders, and heavy breath problems

  • Eating unhealthy foods- When you have a mental illness, your mind always likes to eat processed, junk, and tasty food such as pizza, burgers, nuggets, etc. This leads to obesity.

  • The immune system gets weak- When you constantly eat unhealthy and unhygienic food, you open doors for more health issues and weaken your immune system.

  • Stomach and digestion problems- When you are in fear or depression, it directly affects your stomach. It causes more pain and digestion problems.

Tips to relax your body and mind

1. Understand your body and mind

Everyone is curious to learn about others, gossip, and wants to know what is going viral in the world. But everyone fails to learn about their own body and mind. Why? You don’t feel curious and kick to spend time with yourself.

When spending time with yourself, you can understand your body and thought patterns. This helps to stop you from mental health and physical health illness in your life. Start to spend at least 30 minutes per day with yourself. Talk with your body, feels the energy floating in your body.

2. Accept yourself

People are not ready to accept their life. When others start to mock you in front of everyone, you feel hurt, and don’t have the guts to raise a voice against them.

But some people are raising their voices in front of everyone. After they are back at their home, they start to believe their statements and lose their self-love.

The same scenario will lead you to end up in depression mode. Accept yourself and stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself that I am gorgeous and have my abilities etc.

3. Explore yourself more

When you explore every area like travel, cooking, business, etc. you like to live your life in the present moment. You live in every moment and enjoy in every moment

More lessons, more in-depth knowledge, more trial and error process, and more networking with people give you more fun and excitement in your life.

4. Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are essential to keep your mental health and physical body strong. Yoga helps to keep your physical body fit, healthy, and flexible. It helps to cleanse your body. When you do yoga regularly, you feel young. Age is just a number, it is not for your body.

Meditation increases your focus and enhances your to live in the present moment. It gives you a happy mental health state.

For online courses in yoga and meditation, visit was the world’s first yoga center established in 1918 by yogi Shri Yogendra Ji.

Closing thoughts

Mind and body are like newly married couples. Both cannot exist without each other. Live in the present moment, eat healthy foods, chill with your friends, and live a stress-free and fun full life. So, what actions are you taking care of your mental health? Comment below.

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