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The future of web content: Future of Content writing topics and online earning websites.

The future of web content: Future of Content writing topics and online earning websites

The 21st century humans have witnessed some of the greatest revolutions in the history of humankind. Many revolutions are about to happen in the near future. The Internet is probably the greatest invention of humanity so far. With the easy availability of the Internet, human to human connectivity has reached its highest level. The world has become small in the virtual format. Present humans find themselves surfing in the ocean of web contents most of the time. Contents are so powerful that most of the time your life decisions turn out to be highly influenced by the contents you are consuming over the Internet.

Content sector has emerged as a great choice of career now. The Future of content is very promising. With the rise of various online earning websites, the content sector is evolving as a lucrative earning option both as a side hustle and as a full time career.

Content writing topics
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The best thing about humans is we always seek for betterment and with constant hustling we achieve that. Whether it is the industrial revolution or the present ongoing AI revolution, there is a dream and tremendous hardwork and dedication of someone behind all. Content websites have revolutionised the mode of knowledge sharing, information sharing and of course entertainment. Online earning websites have created many new age career opportunities like content marketing, search engine optimization and content writing. Don't forget, the whole idea of digital marketing is the product of many social media platforms and content websites.

The future of content writing topics and online earning websites:

  1. Say ‘No’ to clickbait:

Why am I even explaining this? You know it better. Most of the articles popping up on the facebook news feed are perfect examples of clickbait approach. Clickbait approaches have been used by content writers for a long time now. The best thing about clickbait is that it works.

But the scene is changing rapidly. Modern millennials are not that much interested in clickbaits. Authentic, high quality contents will shine. Using a clickbait approach may pull instant traffic through social channels, but in the long run only high quality contents will shine.

  1. Micro niche:

There was a time when blogging was said to be similar to gold mining. It still is, but the scene has changed a lot. Niche has been reduced to micro niche. Many opportunities are there in the various micro niche topics. Whether its video contents, podcasts or a blog, micro niche topics are going to get the larger part of the audience pie in future.

  1. Relevant and evergreen:

For the people starting a blog, it has always been advised to go with evergreen topics. It has a great advantage of being relevant everytime. Blogging is all about traffic. The worst thing about choosing contemporary topics is this kind of topic pulls instant traffic but doesn't work in the long run. Being relevant is essential.By keeping balance between these two is the perfect way to create a great online earning website.


Information is the new gold. The last two decades from 2000 to 2020 have seen the data revolution after the bubble. Last decade from 2010 to 2020 has been the decade of social media in India. Facebook, twitter, Instagram and every other social media platform has seen tremendous success in the country. Online content websites have always been considered as a great mode of earning as a side hustle. But in recent years , the content industry has emerged as a new age career option. With the evolution of the content industry, various new age career options like digital marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, content writing and copywriting have been introduced. Most of the millennials are opting for such career options over their lucrative job offers. Indian millennials are now more inclined towards freelancing than being stuck at a nine to five. Freelancing offers freedom, flexibility of working from anywhere, personal branding and most importantly a good paycheque. Besides freelancing, all the big and small companies hire such professionals for marketing. Whole philosophy of marketing has shifted from traditional to digital in recent years. These career options will see great heights in near future.

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