The difference between Sadness and Depression

There are millions of people facing sadness in their day to day life. Sadness is as common as it can happen to anyone at any time. You can be sad multiple times in a day. It's a normal part of human emotion that is natural in everyone.

Is sadness the same for everyone?


Well, sadness can not be the same for everyone. As people are different, their nature and affecting level are different too. Someone can get sad if they don't get their favorite food at lunch. Someone can feel sadness if they get fewer marks in exams. One can get sad if one is missing someone. And one can get sad when they lose a loved one.

According to the situation and emotion of the person, the level of sadness varies. No matter how many times you get sad, it is still considered a healthy part of emotional behavior.

On the other hand, when we talk about depression, it's a completely different phase. We can say, sadness is a part of depression. When a person is in depression, he/she goes through so much pain and a flood of emotions which many a time reaches the very complicated stage. Depression cannot get normal easily and should not be ignored. To do so, everyone should be aware of the difference between sadness and depression.

In this article, let's learn how can you spot the difference if the person is sad or depressed.


With a few moments of silence, reaching out to friends, taking some rest, or just by passing some time sadness can easily go off. Sadness is not something that stays for a longer period and hurts you from inside.

Sadness probably is not a good feeling, but it's not as bad at the same time. When you feel you can heal yourself, and you don't need to run for immediate help then understand that it's just a sadness that happens to everyone. As life keeps on changing, a lot of things eventually changed, this change may affect you, reflecting in sudden sadness.

Career tension, lack of money, missing friends can be some common reasons for sadness in youth. In such a situation, instead of thinking so much, let sadness be with you, feel it, cry out loud, and learn from it. And as soon as you learn, look out for a solution, and you are better to go forward.


A mental condition that overpowers everything happening in your life is called depression. Depression can be experienced at any age and for an unknown time. A long lasting period of sadness and bad feeling can also convert into depression.

Feeling all the negative emotions, feeling of ending life, and avoiding all the positivity are some things that are very common emotions felt by a depressed person.

Many people feel guilty about their depression, and there are even some people who don't know that is actually depressed.

Here are some symptoms by which you can find out if you are depressed:

* If you don't feel happy by hearing any good news.

* If you are sad continuously for more than two weeks.

* If you are having thoughts of hurting yourself.

* If you are struggling with your sleep.

Here are some symptoms by which you can find out if your friend or family member is depressed:

* If you see a continuous change in his/her behavior.

* If the person who used to stay positive and happy suddenly stays quiet and sad.

* If the person avoids meeting you and stays alone.

* If you feel he/she is not taking care of and ignoring his/her health condition.

If you are facing these problems, and you ensure that you are going through depression. You don't need to panic. Like other diseases have a cure, depression can also be treated.

You are not the only one in this race, there are millions of people facing depression and coming out of it.

Here's a list of things that you can do and add to your daily routine which will surely make you feel better. And you will tackle this face in no time.

Stop comparing:

Comparing ourselves to others is a common thing that will ultimately make you feel sad and less worthy. What others have in their life and what they do should not affect you at all. In fact, see what good things you have and enjoy them.