Sneak Peak To Best 5 Personal Growth Apps

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

"Don't go through life, grow through life." - Eric Butterworth

Gone are the days when we had to let go of our dreams due to financial constraints or no proper guidance. It's 2021...a year when anything can be learned and achieved (if you really want to).

"Why are you always on your phone"? "I will throw away your damn phone" "Oh! your tooth is aching. I'd told you, don't be on your phone all day". I am certain that you must have heard at least one of these taunts from your mother. Haven't you? (Phew, stop nodding now)

They say, technology is ruining people's lives but is it really? I've never heard of someone being diabetic because of one piece of sweet. It's the excess of everything that ruins lives. When you know how to utilize technology, it can get you years ahead in your personal as well as professional life.

Personal Growth Apps
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But hey, not to worry. It's never too late to learn. We've made a list of the best 5 personal growth apps that you must try in 2021 if you wish to meet the best version of yourself, super soon *wink

Best 5 Personal Growth Apps for Satisfactory 2021

Self-growth starts slow but when you decide to not give up, the journey starts to seem effortless. You should take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health in order to feel content in life.

Keeping this in mind, we've included the self-tried personal growth apps that will help you attain personal as well as professional goals in 2021. Are you excited to know these? Let's go...

1. 30 Day Fitness Challenge


"Health is wealth". Who can explain it better than Covid-19? Due to our busy schedules, we forget that our biggest asset in life is our health. In order to overcome even the toughest time, it is vital to be fit. 30 Day Fitness Challenge is one of the effective fitness apps that you must give a try. Its seamless functionality, challenging fitness tasks, and easy-to-use interface will surely make your fitness routine super fun.

2. Udemy


2021 being an era of freelancers, is about owning a skill. Even if you don't have any elite degree but are proficient in any skill, the door of opportunities will still be opened for you. If you wish to learn a language, skill, or any technique, Udemy is a platform that offers high-quality informative courses. You can be a student, a working professional, or even a house-maker, there is always something to learn for everyone on Udemy.

3. Calm


Even though we've survived almost 1.5 years of Covid-19, the fear of uncertainty is still there. In such times, it is essential that we all take care of ourselves a little extra. If you feel distracted, anxious, or frustrated, you should try Calm. The app claims to enhance focus, reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, etc. It's a brilliant app to take you to the world of calmness, virtually.

4. Elsa Speak


English is a global language. If you wish to work with clients internationally or want to get an edge in your professional life, you must be proficient in this language. Elsa Speak is a trusted app when it comes to improving Spoken English for personal growth and development. With artificially intelligent speech recognition technology, the app helps you attain confidence & knowledge in order to speak the language proficiently.

5. LinkedIn


If you want to focus on your career, you should stay away from social media. I say otherwise when it comes to LinkedIn. The social media platform gives you the liberty of being able to get in touch with the CEOs of the biggest companies. Its mobile app makes posting content, engagement, and networking super fun because of its user-friendly interface. Set your profile, showcase your skills, flaunt client testimonials, and boom, there is an opportunity knocking on your door.

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