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Smartflower : An advanced solar panel by design and function.

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

One of the major disadvantages of using solar panels will be the lack of efficiency in power generation. Today regular solar panels are only able to generate power lower than a half percent of capacity. There are various factors for this such as cloudy days, insufficient sunlight, the position of sun, lack of efficiency of solar panels due to non-standard devices and connection setup, use of low-quality solar panels, and many more. Among them, the major root cause for the inefficiency in solar power generation comes from the external factors of the panels such as cloudy days as well the frequent change of sunlight direction.

Solar cells

In my previous blog, I have addressed you on a solar panel recently developed from vegetable and fruit waste which can even function on cloudy days since they only absorb UV light from the sun rays which will act as the solution for inefficient power generation. Now regarding the second aspect, there is no way we could change the position of the sun. What we could do is change the position of solar panels according to the sunlight. However, this is an operation that is not manually possible and cannot be done with a group of people on a daily basis. Considering a single day of changing the position of the panels will be OK but consider changing the position of solar panels every hour of the day, it is not possible and it is not an efficient way to do. Here is the advantage of smart flower solar and its functional ability to run with high efficiency with more than double the power generated with the same amount of source of sunlight.

Let us discuss the more adaptable and efficient smart flower technology in solar power generation.

So what is a smart flower?

The name comes from its design as the structure is designed in replication to a flower-like structure with the top standing in a single pillar similar to the stem as a flower standing. The flower-like structures on top are incorporated with solar panels and all the power generation components and the circuits of the system are designed to be in the stem or the pillar. One of the main advantages and the key feature of the innovative power generation technology is that the solar panels in the flower-like structure are capable of moving their alignment and position based on the sun.

In simple words, it can be said that the panels will follow the sun throughout the day for maximum power generation. It is estimated by statistical data generated in operation that the system will produce 40% more energy than normal solar panels in the given period of time all thanks to the sun position following the system.


In addition, the structure will close down at night time just as the flower shrinks and will open up at the first sight of sunlight. This makes it convenient for the smaller spaces and garden of your house as it will not interpret your on-goings at night. Moreover, you can close it down at the needful time providing you with more area function during special occasion gatherings. Furthermore, it will act as a styling element to your space as most people are wondered to see the infrastructure of the efficient technology.

How can it be helpful?

The operation of smart flowers is just as the functioning of solar power generation from normal solar panels but with a smart infrastructure that will point itself to the sunlight for more efficiency. The power generated can be directly used to power the homes during daytime or with the help of a battery the generated power can be stored for it to be used during the night time. Another aspect would be using the power directly to charge an EV without storage and these smart flower solutions can be placed in parking lots, apartment areas, or even in your parking area. In addition, this innovative solar power generation panel and the structure can be used to function for agricultural purposes to run the water pumps that can be directly connected to it and can be operated in the daytime.

However, there is a wide range of applications for this smart solar panel infrastructure the major usability can be seen in a household as it will be a reliable power generation tool for a small capacity and enough to provide the electrical power demands of a house. Additionally, the commercial aspects of this are very limited as the cost of the infrastructure and the other implementation aspects, as well as components, will be costlier than conventional solar panels.

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